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Preview Edition - 2018 Edition

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The 2018 Preview edition of IFA International, the official daily of the IFA Berlin show.

Preview Edition - 2018

PREVIEW EDITION Monday 27 th August 2018 Hall 3.1 / 102 Hall 6.2 / 203 Hall 8.2 / 101 CONTENTS 05 > NEWS 20 > IFA+ SUMMIT 21 > IFA NEXT 22 > TRADE TALK 24 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 26 > CONSUMER LIFESTYLE – SNEAK PEEK 35 > SPOTLIGHT ON TAIWAN 37 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN Smart, smarter, smartest IFA 2018 conjugates the ultimate in innovations and thought leadership TRADE TALK Dieter Mathys Managing Director, Expert International GmbH The POS is gradually becoming a POE (point of emotion and/or experience). See page 23 THOUGHT LEADERS Smart and connected devices for the home, powerful AI applications that are deeply integrated in consumer electronics and wellness products, and TVs with ever better screen quality are among the big trendsetters that will dominate IFA 2018, the world's most important trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. co-innovation takes on meaning as developments in one field lead to flow-on developments in another, and yet another. THE TRANSFER OF HIGH-TECH TO THE WORLD OF CONSUMERS IS INCREASING EXPONENTIALLY David Kaiser German Country Manager, Alexa Skills Alexa will become very important for end users because voice is the more natural interface to interact with technology. See page 24 Jens Heithecker IFA Executive Director See our exclusive interview, page 9 Voice control, smart devices, artificial intelligence and 8K television are all among the major trends this year. And as technical trends criss-cross one another, bringing what used to be very different sectors to work together, the term Nowhere else in the world do all the elements that are part of this new ecosystem come together as they do at IFA. With the show just around the corner, we give you a sneak peek in this issue of just some of what is to come. Georg Walkenbach Managing Director of Beurer Board member of ZVEI The health market is preforming well. The activity trackers area is a very competitive market that is being rivalled by the smart watch category, which is still growing. See page 25 SNEAK PEEK In this preview edition of IFA International, we report from the recent IFA Innovations Media Briefing in Berlin, which gave a number of exhibitors the chance to tease more than 300 journalists from around the world with innovations that will be on show from August 31. From page 26, you’ll discover the latest trends and product news, from more companies getting into the IoT, to manufacturers improving display technologies to the best yet, while innovations in the kitchen, across small domestic appliances and large domestic appliances are sure to resonate with consumers in-store. © Messe Berlin GmbH.

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