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Day 5 - IFA International

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Day 5 - IFA

DAY 5 TUESDAY, 7 TH SEpTEmbEr 2010 international Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA sports and CE Markets – Push and Pull Vital sports partnerships announced at IFA will be powering the TV market for the months and years to come Edition “Major 'push' investments are being made to satisfy a 'pull' factor created by the channel…” While Panasonic has partnered with Eurosport and the French, US and Australian Open tennis tournaments, Sharp Europe’s President and CEO, Hiroshi Sasaoka (see photo left – interview page 12) has officially announced at IFA that his company will be sponsoring UEFA 2012. This is part of a greater movement by major CE manufacturers to leverage sport in order to create a new dynamic in the market. These major “push” investments are being made to satisfy a “pull” factor created by the channel. At the same time the evolution of TV technologies is a major factor in bolstering sales. See exclusive interviews and special feature - page 21. Hall 5.2 Stand 101 Hall 22 Stand 101 ConTEnTs 03 > NEWS 07 > MaRkEt & tEchNology NEWS 12 > ExcluSivE iNtERviEWS 21 > SpEcial FEatuRE NEW tv tEchNologiES 28 > SpEcial FEatuRE: SouNd pix 33 > ExcluSivE iNtERviEWS 35 > SpEcial FEatuRE: diSh WaShERS 37 > ExcluSivE iNtERviEWS 39 > gREEN pagE 41 > tRadE NEWS 43 > diaRy oF MiSS iFa 44 > WhERE to go iN BERliN 23 > cENtRal hall plaN THE DEAL MAKERS Audrey Betz Purchase Manager, Home Appliances, Pixmania Group "It's a great opportunity to meet the decision makers from our partners. We will both discuss the product listing and the strategy. We are also here to strengthen the link with our new suppliers and partners. And of course, we finish closing the deals for the end of the year ." See page 41 Hiroshi Sasaoka, Sharp Europe’s President and CEO Sound: Setting Us Free In 1930, Albert Einstein talked about radio being a “wonderful tool of communication”. At that time, the transmission of sound by radio was a new concept, and sound, for many years, was what Consumer Electronics were all about. Then came the images. Today, sound takes on new meaning as it is used by consumers in so many different ways in their everyday lives and the sector continues to see strong growth. In this edition of IFA International, we take you on an “audio tour” of the show! (see feature page 28). visionArY inTErviEWs Robert Smits General manager - Television Executive Vice president - Consumer Lifestyle philips "The TV will become your smartphone in the living room" See page 14 Fabien Roth General manager, Television, panasonic Europe "…There are so many ways for us to be a part of some of the business that's happening…" See page 17

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