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Day 5 - IFA International

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Day 5 - IFA

DAY 5 Tuesday 8 th September 2015 Hall 3.1 / 109 Sharp Home Appliances Hall 9 / 108 Hall 21 / 102 Challenging the Channels IFA 2015 marks the onset of smart home – pushing distribution to add value to services Esther Berrozpe Galindo President Yannick of Fierling Whirlpool EMEA CEO, and Executive Haier Europe Vice President Read of Whirlpool our exclusive Corporation interview on Read page our 26 exclusive interview on page 16 To market, to market… Yes, but how? The challenge for manufacturers in balancing their choices, and the onset of “omni-channel” strategies has been a burning issue over the past couple of years. This year however, as underlined by Esther Berrozpe Galindo - President of Whirlpool EMEA and Executive Vice President, Whirlpool Corporation, “Connectivity” really constitutes the new frontier of the appliance industry (see interview p16). Consequently, retailers are forced to take on a new role, in order to present and explain to consumers how it all works, but more importantly, to even go one step further, as in the case of Kitchen Lifestyle In the past years, there has been a major transformation at IFA, first with the arrival of home appliances, and now with their increasing importance at the show. Most noticeable are the sumptuous cooking demonstrations that set our taste buds dancing from one hall to the Retailers are forced to take on a new role, in order to present and explain to consumers how it all works Media Saturn (see interview p14), in installing smart home systems. But by the same token, the value added by online marketplaces is growing for a panoply of other products, underlined by the rise in importance of companies such as Newegg (see interview p13). next. Today, we spotlight “kitchen lifestyle” – from p23. CONTENTS 05 > News 11 > IFA+ Summit 13 > Trade Talk 15 > Press Corner 16 > Exclusive interview 18 > Stand of the Day 23 > Kitchen Lifestyle 35 > Design Page 36 > Spotlight on North America 37 > Where to Go in Berlin TRADE TALK Sophia Tsao Head of Global Marketplace, Newegg Brand awareness and building up a strong perceived value for a brand is essential to business success. See page 13 THOUGHT LEADERS Sergio Klaus-Peter Voigt Chief Procurement Officer and member of the Management Board, Media-Saturn We, as retailers, need to create and fulfil customer expectations when it comes to connectivity in the home. See page 14 Steffen Nagel Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, Liebherr-Hausgeräte appliances can be integrated into ‘smart homes’ simply and easily via Wi-Fi – for convenient remote control of refrigerator and freezer appliances. See page 25

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