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Day 4 - IFA International

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Day 4 - IFA

DAY 4 edition international O f f i c i a l D a i l y N e w s S o u r c e f o r I n t e r n a t i o n a l V i s i t o r s a t I F A Monday 5 th September 2011 Hall 23/102 Hall 3.2 / 134 Hall 3.1 / 103 Hall 25/162 New Challenge, New Organisation! IFA – the platform for major players to explain reorganisation and new strategies With a number of major manufacturers restructuring and reorganising, IFA has been the perfect platform for these companies to explain their new organisations and the new values they bring to the market during these turbulent times. A perfect case at hand is LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company, whose President and CEO, Havis Kwon (pictured left), has been present at the show to support his teams and explain his strategy in fine detail (see also interview page 7). The 2011 edition of IFA has proven yet again to be the world forum for thought leadership in the Consumer Electronics and Home Appliance industries. As the show where global leaders from all major manufacturers gather, key buying groups are able “IFA has proven yet again to be the world forum for thought leadership” to plot their purchasing roadmaps based on clear and solid information. An example is the DisplaySearch Business Conference at IFA, getting under way today, which gives attendees an in-depth insight into Tablets, TVs and the Home Video Ecosystem. The event will be crucial for trade visitors wanting to understand the Tablet and TV supply chain, market dynamics and technologies being shown at this year’s IFA exhibition. Hall 21./101 Hall 6.2/211 Contents 03 > NEWS 07 > Exclusive Interview 13 > Made in Taiwan 19 > The Smart Home 23 > The World of Apps 27 > Connected TV 37 > appliance innovations 41 > Sustainable Development Initiatives 43 > Trade News 44 > The Diary of Miss IFA 45 > Where to Go in Berlin trade news Bernd Horenkamp CEO, EK/Servicegroup "IFA has become much more significant to us since the integration of the household sector in 2008." See page 43 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Ebine Yasuhito President, Funai Havis Kwon President & CEO, LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company Connected Life! With the catch-cry at IFA of “Get in Touch”, a key trend for many of the exhibitors is “Getting SMART”. Devices and even homes are getting smarter and more connected. In this issue, we take a closer look at the smart home, smart TVs, and the world of apps. Read page 29 "Funai President Ebine Yasuhito tells IFA International why the current market is loaded with opportunity rather than uncertainty..." See page 31 Raimund Hosch Chief Executive Officer Messe Berlin GmbH "Berlin: 20 million visItors can’t be wrong" See page 45

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