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Day 5 - IFA International

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Day 5 - IFA

DAY 5 Hall Hall 3.1 / 103 Hall 3.2 / 201 21B / 104 Tuesday 9 th September 2014 CONTENTS IFA 2014: SMART 2.0 The Smart Concept is evolving rapidly in every market sector Smart homes, smart watches, smartphones, even smart clothes, it’s quite a smart party at IFA this year, as the Internet of Things starts to kick in. We’re still at the very beginning, as even last year smart appliances were still very much in the concept phase, and this year they begin to roll out onto the market. Thanks to IFA 2014, leaders from all leading home appliance and electronics companies are able to demonstrate their extraordinary evolution in creating smart eco-systems. A perfect example of a company previously known in the fields of white goods and TV but now totally embracing the smart home concept is that of Haier. (…) it’s quite a smart party at IFA this year, as the Internet of Things starts to kick in. In our exclusive interview with Haier Europe CEO René Aubertin, he explains what he sees as being the key market drivers. See page 15 05 > NEWS 13 > TRADE TALK 14 > PRESS CORNER 15 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 17 > KITCHEN LIFESTYLE 34 > DESIGN PAGE 35 > GREEN PAGE 36 > SPOTLIGHT ON NORTH AMERICA 37 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN TRADE TALK Hans Carpels President of Euronics International we organise at IFA a strategic board meeting in order to address new product/service areas which we could integrate into our stores. See page 13 THOUGHT LEADERS René Aubertin CEO, Haier Europe Read our exclusive interview on page 15 Kitchen Lifestyle If the popularity of a burgeoning number of TV shows centred on cooking is anything to go by, kitchen appliances are going to be increasingly successful. Indeed, industry analysts GfK quote major growth in a number of sub-sectors in both major and small appliances. In today’s special feature we take you on a tour of the amazing – and even bigger – new world of kitchen appliances at IFA 2014. Read from page 17 Günther Sproll Director of marketing, Liebherr High-value and ecologically friendly foods are not only fun to prepare, they also contribute to our well-being and fitness. See page 16 Harald Friedrich CEO, Bosch Home Appliances Some of our new series 8 ovens are network-compatible and can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi using a mobile device - either a tablet or a smartphone. See page 18

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