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Day 5 - IFA International

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KITCHEN LIFESTYLE Leading with a Key Trend Panasonic builds on long heritage of chef-inspired kitchen appliances Michikazu Matsushita Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing Europe products that are easy to use and meet customer needs While for some manufacturers, chef-inspired kitchen equipment is the latest craze, Panasonic’s designers have in fact for many years been inspired and aided by top-line chefs when it comes to conceiving appliances. We asked Michikazu Matsushita, Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing Europe to tell us more. Panasonic continuously conducts research on European food culture and cooking manners in order to create products that are easy to use and meet customer needs. Our European Design Center in London and our Lifestyle Research Laboratory in Germany collaborate closely to create products that fit people’s lifestyles and cultural differences. Many of their ideas are obtained by talking to chefs as well as customers throughout different markets – and also by really cooking together with them. And of course we also work together with Japanese chefs, as for example in our partnership with Tsuji Culinary Institute. After all, Panasonic kitchen appliances are also built on a strong Japanese heritage in terms of high cuisine and innovative engineering, providing for perfectly precise, safe and convenient cooking. How is Panasonic demonstrating its new kitchen appliances at IFA? We present them in their real life surroundings, built into a kitchen. At the same time, single technologies, like the GENIUS sensor, are explained separately with a 3D model. Besides helping visitors understand how the technology works, we also want to inspire them about new ways of cooking. And last but not least our kitchen appliances are also shown “in action”, being demonstrated by chefs from the famous Tsuji Culinary Institute from Japan. Hall 5.2 Stand 101 Sühel Semerci Managing Director, Beko Germany Beko – Positive Development in German & EU Markets IFA Keynote by parent company CEO set to boost sales in upcoming season Beko is growing in popularity in various EU markets. Sühel Semerci – Managing Director Beko Germany, says new cooling products will be among those leading the charge at IFA. Beko’s new cooling products combine innovative technology and energy efficiency with an appealing design. Among others, the Combined Fridge Freezer CS 137140 X offers low running costs due to the highest energy efficiency class A+++. The new Side-by- Side range stands out with a new modern design with invisible hinges and a flushmounted design of water dispenser and illuminated bar compartment. These models also use the innovative NeoFrost technology for long lasting freshness of food. Beko has been growing in popularity as a brand in Europe. How is Germany progressing as part of this? Beko has become the second-largest home appliance brand in Europe, and is the fastest growing brand in Europe within its segment. That also applies to Germany where we report a very positive development regarding brand awareness and sales in the last years. For 2014, our goal is to further expand our sales and distribution through the traditional retail market and increase our share in the kitchen & furniture channel. We have already started with the development of a specialised sales team for this task, with rapidly increasing sales and of course our potential is still much higher. Our group (Arçelik) is heavily investing in research & development to continue offering innovative, high quality and eco-friendly products at an attractive price. How will the fact that your CEO gave a keynote at IFA 2014 change the perception of Beko on the global scene? We are delighted that Levent Çakıroglu, President of Koç Holding durable goods and CEO of Arçelik Group, received this honour. It is a great opportunity to present the vision and ideas of Beko to an experienced expert audience and a global public. Hall 5.1 Stand 101 IFA International • Tuesday 9 th September 2014 23

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