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Day 1 - IFA International

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Day 1 - IFA

I FA international Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA Hall 3.1/103 Hall 3.2/134 Hall 21 / 104 DAY 1 Friday 31 st August 2012 Hall 21/101 New Challenges, New Faces! The pendulums are being reset – and IFA 2012 sets the pace! Kazuo "Kaz" Hirai President and CEO, Sony Corporation In a year of restructuring and turmoil for many of the industry’s top manufacturing companies, the world’s eyes are turned towards IFA 2012 to discover new policies and roadmaps. The heart of the show beats with the product innovations that are set to inspire consumers, drive new growth and power the market in the year’s prime selling-time. With the industry’s new leaders (such as Sony’s Kazuo Hirai - pictured left) coming to grips with unique new challenges, the “product rethink” is more than ever an essential ingredient in the battle for market share and profits. Researchers thus expect the 2012 world market for consumer electronics to grow by 1,100 Nomadic Lifestyle! In our special feature today, we indulge you in the new “nomadic lifestyle”, with a close look at the marketplace and the newest devices conceived to make our lives easier, more pleasant, or just plain fun, when we’re out of the home. Let “(...) the 2012 world market for consumer electronics to grow by 1,100 billion dollars, an increase of 2 percent.” billion dollars, an increase of 2 percent. IFA is the year’s leading event, with orders in 2011 totalling more than 3.7 billion euros. Read our report on the official IFA opening press conference, from page 6. go of the ties and tethers and set your imagination free! — From page 19 Contents 06 > NEWS 13 > conference & events preview 14 > exclusive Interviews 19 > special feature nomadic lifestyle 33 > SPOTLIGHT ON CHINA 37 > Green Page 41 > Trade News 42 > The Diary of Miss IFA 43 > Where to Go in Berlin trade news Mark Slater Computing Category Director, Dixons “Have a good plan of what you’re going to be doing every day, bring a good pair of shoes because you’ll be doing a lot of walking…” See page 41 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Didier Juin Senior Vice-president, General Manager, Europe Business Center, TCL Multimedia Technology "We are in a somewhat luxurious position in the sense that we are continuously experiencing two-digit growth." See page 34 Klaus Wowereit Governing Mayor of Berlin “It seems that Berlin is changing much more than any other big city in Europe.” See page 43

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