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Day 4 - IFA International

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Day 4 - IFA

international Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Strategies and Roadmaps: Born in Berlin Key strategies and roadmaps are spawned thanks to the knowledge, ideas and insights gathered at IFA Euronics President Hans Carpel DAY 4 MONDAY, 6 TH SEPTEMBER 2010 In an exclusive interview, the new Euronics president Hans Carpel revealed the buying group’s strategy to reach 20-billion Euros turnover by 2015, underlining that IFA has been vital to elaborating the group’s policy in the past, and is even more so today. Similarly, the most important vendors not only launch new product here, but also echo that the feedback obtained at and following IFA is essential for them in elaborating their future plans. An example is the fact that consumers are increasingly “blurring the lines” between consumer electronics and The Nomadic Revolution Huge growth in the market for nomadic devices of all kinds is reflected this year at IFA with the creation of the iZone and a massive increase in the presence of companies displaying a plethora of devices and accessories. From tablets through PNDs to smartphones and MP3 players… portable electronic devices are becoming a Edition “IFA has been vital to elaborating the group’s policy in the past, and even more so today” home appliances, with IT becoming an integral part of both. This convergence is leading to new possibilities in retail and is being leveraged by groups such as Euronics. Read the interview page 41 major driver for the CE market globally. In this edition, we take a closeup look at “all that is nomadic” … from page 18. Hall 5.2 Stand 101 Hall 22 Stand 101 CONTENTS 03 > NEWS 11 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 17 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 18 > SPECIAL FEATURE THE NOMADIC REVOLUTION 35 > SPECIAL FEATURE REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGIES 39 > GREEN PAGE 41 > TRADE NEWS 44 > DIARY OF MISS IFA 45 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN 23 > CENTRAL HALL PLAN THE DEAL MAKERS Stephan Ritter Consumer Electronics Purchaser, Expert "Expert has more than 7400 stores in 22 countries and realises sales, before tax, of more than €16bn. I’m here to source new products and look for innovation but also to close some ongoing deals with my current suppliers". See page 43 VISIONARY INTERVIEWS Sir James Dyson Dyson Founder “A mistake or failure is just as valuable as a success – it’s one step nearer to discovery.” See page 11 Volker Klodwig CEO of Bosch Household Appliances “More and more customers specifically ask for our most efficient products that are marked by our Green Technology Inside card.” See page 15

IFA International