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Day 6 - IFA International

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Day 6 - IFA

international Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Record Sales at IFA 2007 A Great Vintage! Entering this last day of IFA 2007, reports are already streaming in of major increases in business thanks to the show… up to 40% for some! Retail chains are finding new value-added thanks to the internationalisation of the show, illustrated by the visits of an increasing number of top level trade representatives, including, as pictured here, the highly respected Victor Jachimowicz, Lab Test Manager for the Fnac, welcomed by Dr Christian Dr Christian Göke, Miss IFA and Victor Jachimowicz, Lab Test Manager Fnac Göke, COO of Messe Berlin, accompanied by Miss IFA. The international visitors at IFA not only like the show but for the first time ever are feeling at home in Berlin, because, according to Dr Göke, “For the first time ever, the entire city both lived and breathed this consumer electronics show and wherever you were in the city, you could see that IFA was taking place and that’s a very important reason for us to continue this way of doing business.” International Manufacturers are also very much upbeat: “We use the IFA in order to test our customers’ response to new products”, says Sengül Soytas from the Turkish manufacturer Vestel. At this year’s show the company’s exhibits include the prototypes of a 70 inch full- HD flat screen TV and a 42 inch HD flat screen set, which also serves as the screen for the integrated PC. See Interviews with Dr Goke and Mr Jachimowicz on pages 3 and 25 respectively Product Highlight Our journalists have made a selection of their preferred products at the IFA 2007, and give a list of those they find the most innovative or original. The Toshiba Regza TV was selected for its aesthetic style - the epitome of the new "lifestyle" movement that has marked IFA 2007. .../ Cont’d. Page 5 DAY 6 Wednesday 5th September CONTENTS 01 > HEADLINE NEWS 08 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 12 > MEET THE VISIONARIES 16 > PRODUCT TRENDS 25 > TRADE NEWS 29 > GOING OUT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Akihiro Kambara Senior Marketing Officer, Mitsubishi Electric “We know that we owe it to our retail partners to keep pushing. If we can keep them excited then that flows through to the end-users. We’ve already seen an amazing reaction to our new projectors here at IFA from the public” See page 15 Yoshiki Tanaka Vice President & General Manager, Toshiba European Environment Office “There is a symbiotic relationship between the creation of new values for the customer and the need to mitigate climate change, optimise resources and manage the use of chemicals.” See page 7 IFA INTERNATIONAL ON THE WEB Get the best of IFA 2007: All editions of IFA International as well as podcasts and videos of the key interviews and features are available for free download at

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