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Preview Edition - IFA International

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Preview Edition - IFA

Turning the Market Around! IFA 2009 Puts the CE and Home Appliance Industries Back on their Feet! preview edition Monday 31 st August 2009 Hall 5.2 Stand 101 With press reaction to international run-up events more enthusiastic than ever, and the Home Appliance section growing by 20%, IFA 2009 – the world’s biggest CE / Home Appliance trade show – is set to be stronger than ever. IFA International has spent the past weeks, and indeed months, visiting with top CE and Home Appliance management around the globe, as well as consulting with top analysts, and the verdict is clear: the end of the “dark period” is definitely in sight, and IFA will play a major role in putting the "As the show where most deals are done, IFA is yet again set for success!" industries back on their feet. Indeed, the European TV industry for example has recorded increased sales in past months, where many other zones have still been faltering. As the show where most deals are done, IFA is yet again set for success! .../ Cont’d. page 14 Hall 4.2 Contents 04 > NEWS 07 > conference & event preview 14 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGy TRENDS 17 > special fEATURE: meet the nomads! 23 > PRODUCT TRENDS 35 > sustainable development initiatives 37 > Trade news 39 > WHERE TO GO in Berlin EXCLUSIVE INTerviews Dr Rainer Hecker IFA 2009: A True Reflection of Today’s CE Industry. The New Nomads Sociologists are confirming that within our current culture, we are becoming increasingly nomadic. This is underpinned by the development of exciting new mobile technologies that enable us to find our way and stay in touch better than ever before. In this issue of IFA International, we take a closer look at some of the nomadic technologies on show at IFA 2009. In particular we focus on navigation devices that continue to evolve and innovate. .../ Cont’d. page 19 New Navigon Devices on Show at IFA Chairman – gfu "We generate more than 3-billion euros in business at a very important time for the retailers…" See page 4 Fred Boekhorst Senior Vice President – Program Manager Lifestyle – Philips Research “We want to interpret the emotional state, influence it by using actuators, measure the reaction, and then interpret the state again." See page 16 DREAM WITH YOUR EYES OPEN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW OF THE MOVIE AVATAR HALL 5.2 PAN_Avatar_230x60_IFA_Int_Cover_39L.indd 1 O N L Y I N C I N E M A S D E C E M B E R © 2009 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved. 21.08.2009 13:39:43 Uhr

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