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THE NEXT BIG THING Has arrIvEd. 11KG. THE larGEsT EvEr capacITy IN a sTaNdard sIzE wasHING macHINE. come witness a whole new world of washing at IFa 2009 (Hall 1.1)

PRODUCT TRENDS Towards Making the Seamless Home Network a Reality Loewe Goes Another Step Towards the Ultimate Multi-Room Entertainment Solution by Richard Barnes Loewe’s PR Director, Dr Roland Raithel Loewe has of course been known for many years for the quality of its TVs and more recently for its very “sexy” home cinema solutions and home networks. This year at IFA, they go one step further. We asked Loewe’s PR Director, Dr Roland Raithel to tell us more … as PC or iPod technology… And you can also get this on the screen of the remote control? Yes, you can see it on the remote control. If you are in a room with no contact with the TV, then the remote control will give the information about the music or programme you hear on a small OLED screen. Even on that OLED display you get the same cover flow as you get on the TV. Where is this all leading to in coming years? Loewe integrated Internet into a TV for the first time 14 years ago, and we will present the next generation of this at IFA this year. In the coming years, we will see new technologies like OLED and 3D in the picture, and in the connecting field, it’s wide open as well. l Awe. Inspiring. Loewe Reference Loewe Reference: the new benchmark of home entertainment. Crystal clear images and richer sound in breath-taking design. Experience Loewe innovations at the IFA 2009, hall 6.2/201. Hall 6.2 / Stand 201 At the Loewe booth, people will see the new Reference Line… a home cinema system, which includes a big LCD TV accompanied by a media centre. With the media centre, you have many network functions… you can connect the home cinema with the PC, you have a docking station for your iPhone or MP3 player, you have a DVD player integrated in it and you have a multi-room function, meaning you can have six different music channels in up to six different rooms. You can even use the same CD running up to five different tracks in five different rooms. It’s really an amazing multi-room function. Coverflow on TV We’ve been talking about home networking for a long time, but one of the biggest problems in the past was that they were difficult to install and understand for the average person. How has Loewe gotten around this? It’s not difficult, because in every room you have a multi-room receiver with the loudspeakers accompanying it and you can connect the receiver via wireless or via power line or LAN, and it’s all very easy. You demonstrated this system at the IFA Preview event for journalists. What was the feedback? They were very fascinated with the system as a whole, but also with the “cover flow” you see on the TV. Every time you play a new CD the system loads the cover information on the TV, and that’s really great. It’s something that was adopted from such things Remote with OLED Screen What has the reaction been to the OLED screen in the remote control? We showed it here at the press conference and it was fantastic. You have a brilliant picture and the journalists were fascinated with the quality of the display and the cover flow information. A question about technology… what kind of technology are you using in the TV sets? We are using the LCD CCFL technology. We think it’s the best solution and we’re working to further optimise it. Besides the picture, the sound quality is important as well. We have electrostatic loudspeakers along with a sub-woofer accompanying the TV set delivering 5.1-surround sound for perfect home cinema. Loewe Reference designed by Phoenix Design/Loewe Design. IFA International • Monday, 31st August 2009 LOE_Reference_90x200_hoch_engl.indd 1 23 18.08.2009 8:48:12 Uhr

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