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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA

I FA international Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA Hall 3.1 / 103 Hall 3.2 / 201 Hall 21 / 104 WEEK-END EDITION Saturday 7 st & Sunday 8 nd September 2013 Hall 21A IFA, You’ve Got Talent! The digital world’s pillars, little known majors and rising stars all on one stage… What a performance! Turan Erdogan CEO, Vestel See interview page 26 Berlin’s IFA stands out this year more than ever through the fact that the biggest players of the industry are releasing an astounding number of new products and explaining new visions. But the show also shines with the rising stars and powerful majors that had been playing behind the scenes, who today take centre stage. A classic example lies in today’s keynote by Turan Erdogan, CEO of Vestel, one of the key players in Europe’s TV industry; a fact little known by some. Mr Erdogan’s keynote will shine new light on our understanding of the manufacturing landscape in this part of the world. By the same token, the repositioning of top Chinese players and the presence here of their most senior executives are another sign of a changing market scenario. It’s all part of the smartest show on earth… IFA 2013. Read page 26 Kitchen Lifestyle Cool it, blend it, prepare it, heat it, cook it… If it happens in the kitchen you’ll find it in today’s feature on ‘Kitchen Lifestyle’, complete with first-ever IFA International Buyers’ Guides to fridges, ovens and coffee machines. As the way the kitchen is perceived changes, and the way people use small and major appliances undergoes a revolution, today’s special section will be a real boon to the buyer! Read the special section from page 31 “Erdogan’s keynote will shine new light on our understanding of the manufacturing landscape” CONTENTS 06 > NEWS 20 > PRESS CORNER 21 > KEYNOTES PROGRAM 23 > TRADE NEWS 28 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 31 > KITCHEN LIFESTYLE 52 > BATHROOM LIFESTYLE 54 > SPOTLIGHT ON GERMANY 58 > GREEN PAGE 59 > STAND OF THE DAY 60 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN TRADE NEWS Volker Müller Chairman of the Board expert AG "we put the innovations and inspirations from the IFA that meet the interests of our customers, in the pole position of our marketing plans." See page 23 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Ki-Wan Kim Executive Vice- President and Global Marketing Officer, LG Electronics "Understanding consumers is the biggest issue" See page 28 Jorge Gonçalves President, EISA "UHD TV can be the technology that will make the most impact on the eye of the consumer." See page 13

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