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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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News EISA Awards Support Retailers as Well as Consumers EISA is the unique association of 50 special interest magazines from 20 European countries that is internationally known for the European EISA Awards. Interview by Richard Barnes IFA International spoke with EISA President Jorge Gonçalves last night at the Radisson Blu, where, as each year, we saw the presentation of the annual EISA awards in Berlin. Looking at the numerous categories and devices, what really stood out for you this year? This year it looks like manufacturers are doing their best in every area to offer the consumers outstanding products with lots of innovation inside. From Ultra HD TV to audio streaming, to the most advanced photo cameras, to in-car headunits with the capability of accessing all kinds of sources (including Internet) to mobile phones and TVs that are technologically friendlier year after year… how could one decide which one is more significant? After much considering, I could say that UHD TV can be the technology that will make the most impact on the eye of the consumer. Why are these awards important not only to the public, but to retailers? There is a very old bond between what is important for consumers and retailers. Any sale starts by the fact the attention of the consumer has to be awakened by the added value that products or technologies can bring to their everyday life. But it’s difficult for the retailer to concentrate the attention of the consumer on what is more relevant when this consumer goes inside the shop to face a never-ending number of propositions. An EISA award, the result of the democratic choice of the most relevant experts from as much as 20 countries, assures the consumer he is looking at the most significant product in a certain category but also makes the work of the retailer that much simpler. Recognition of the EISA Award logo is so high that there is almost no need for him to highlight the qualities of a product. The Internet now enlarges very much the coverage of the awards, as well as the videos on our website. President of EISA (almost 11 years ago), the bonds between EISA and IFA have been strengthening. And this happens exactly because there is no doubt there are goals. And the main ones have to do with giving the consumers, the manufacturers and the retailers invaluable tools for them to make the right choices in terms of being sure about what are the most important/significant products both today and in the near future. > See our complete report about the EISA Awards in our Monday 9 th Edition Jorge Gonçalves EISA President This year, members of EISA have helped us by providing key information for our Buyers' Guides - a new inclusion in IFA International. What are your thoughts about this initiative? What can be more important than relaying to both consumers and dealers the informed opinions of some of the more knowledgeable and experienced European experts in consumer electronics? The title “Buyer’s Guide” says everything by itself and in this way we provide to all visitors of IFA a solid amount of invaluable information that will provide them credited advice for the decision taking process. Do you feel that IFA and EISA have similar goals? Since the moment I became IFA International • Saturday 7 th & Sunday 8 th September 2013 13

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