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Preview Edition - IFA International

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Preview Edition - IFA

international Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA IFA 2008 THE MEETING PLACE FOR GLOBAL TRADE Exhibitor levels are up, and records crowds are expected, with massive interest from international media and trade professionals. Combined market places at IFA 2008 mean even more scope for innovations! With the start of IFA 2008 only days away, the world’s largest trade show for consumer electronics and domestic electrical appliances is attracting enormous interest. The new Home Appliances section is being fully integrated in the overall event and will represent almost all the major suppliers from the domestic electric appliance industry. With this development, IFA provides a unique combination of markets, a focus for innovation, and the ideal “The ideal platform for international retailers, buyers, consumers and the industry”… platform for international retailers, buyers, consumers and the industry. The number of exhibitors this year will be well in excess of the 2007 figure. Innovations are of decisive importance for a dynamically expanding market. .../ Cont’d. Page 4 Incredible New Screen Technologies If you thought screen technologies had come a long way, be prepared for a surprise at IFA 2008. Both Plasma and LCD technologies have made major advances, and are continuing to do so. How about a 150-inch TV by Panasonic? TVs are not only getting bigger, they are also getting MUCH thinner. You’ll see a whole plethora of “ultra slim” screens from several manufacturers, meaning the TV looks even more like an artwork when hung on the wall. Add to this extraordinary advances in energy efficiency, and you start to “get the picture” of what’s to come at IFA this year. Read more in our Product pages (from page 20). Monday 25 th August 2008 Hall 20 Stand 101 Hall 3.2 Stand 101 Hall 5.2 Stand 101 PREVIEW CONTENTS 01 > HEADLINE NEWS 11 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGIES TRENDS 16 > FEATURE INTERVIEW 18 > CONFERENCES PREVIEW 20 > PRODUCT TRENDS 29 > THE GREEN PAGE 30 > HOME APPLIANCES @ IFA 35 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Dr. Christian Göke Chief Operatiing Officer, Messe Berlin GmbH “The major change will be the integration of the home appliance industry, the so-called ‘white goods’ industry. This is a historic change in the concept of IFA and we will be looking forward to it.” See page 5 Kevin Lee Vice President Visual Display Division Digital Media Business Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd …“Our goal for picture quality is to make black as black as possible. The second goal is to make the images as bright as possible. The third one is how to feel the natural colour. So black, white and colour is our goal for image quality.” See page 16

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