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Day 4 - IFA International

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Day 4 - IFA

I FA international Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA Hall 3.1/103 Hall 3.2/134 Hall 21 / 104 DAY 4 Monday 3 rd September 2012 Hall 21/101 The Industry Regenerates at IFA 2012 edition mirrors trends in a post-convergence world The industry has arrived at a point in its roadmap where we find a fantail of extraordinary new paths. In many product sectors, convergence of CE, ICT and IT has already taken place. Now is when the visionaries add their touch of alchemy – melding devices, services and raw inspiration to bring dreams to life. “Now is when the visionaries add their touch of alchemy (...)” Contents 06 > NEWS 16 > Visionary interviews 19 > exclusive Interviews 23 > Hall Plan 27 > special feature information lifestyle 35 > SPOTLIGHT ON KOREA 37 > Green Page 39 > Trade News 42 > The Diary of Miss IFA 43 > Where to Go in Berlin trade news Frank Bolten Bracken P. Darrell Logitech President IFA has, in the past, been the launching platform for countless great ideas, from as long ago as when Einstein delivered his keynote … and this year is no exception. Through its keynotes, conferences, roundtables and exhibition of groundbreaking new technologies, IFA 2012 again indelibly maps the trends. With the coming together of communications, Information Lifestyle! This year IFA more than ever spotlights “smart” products in all categories. As consumer electronics and home appliances integrate communication and computing technology, and PCs, in all their forms, Miss IFA presents the SAMSUNG Serie 913 Notebook computing, entertainment and appliance technologies, many brands are reinventing themselves. One such case at hand is Logitech, whose new president, Bracken P. Darrell (see photo – left), delivered a “visionary” keynote at IFA on Saturday 1 st September, underlining such major changes. From page 6 become entertainment devices, today’s feature spotlights a selection of these products. — From page 27 Director Consumer Electronics Germany/Austria Triade – Part of the Tech Data Group “Triade is our unit that’s ready to bring the full spectrum of Tech Data services to consumer electronics” See page 39 Thought Leaders Jim Wong Corporate President, Acer Inc. "The new AcerCloud allows users to access the same personal data from PCs, tablets and smartphones." See page 9 Phil Rogers President of Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) and Corporate Fellow, AMD "The keys to the future are open standards to drive large ecosystems, improving the user experience to make it more natural and immersive." See page 22

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