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Day 6 - IFA International

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Day 6 - IFA

international Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA DAY 6 eDition Wednesday 7 th September 2011 Hall 23/102 Hall 3.2 / 134 Hall 3.1 / 103 Hall 25/162 it’s a trade Powerhouse! A massive increase in share of international trade visitors underlines show’s vital role for the industry Jens Heithecker IFA Director Initial estimates of attendance at IFA 2011 indicate a landslide increase in the share of international trade visitors at the show – a share hike of over 40% compared to 2010 – the jubilee year, according to organisers in interviews yesterday. IFA thus has, as predicted, become the true “industry pillar”. First-time visitors are often surprised by the huge size of IFA, with the unbeatable offering of new products and innovations. According to Dr Rainer Hecker, chairman of the advisory board of the GfU, many retailers have been holding very little stock in somewhat uncertain times, many waiting for IFA as an opportunity to place serious i See You Digital still cameras and camcorders are taking on a new importance at IFA as they increasingly become considered as CE products, rather than a specialist niche market. Equipped with GPS or Wi- Fi, devices are packed full of processing power. But today, while it’s true that cameras are hi-tech, an interesting development IFA has, as predicted, become a true “industry pillar”. orders for the holiday season. An extremely positive spin is being put on the market with the promise of a new dynamic being created by the major sporting events of 2012, which, along with everimproving TV design and image, will doubtless result in buoyant sales. Read page 3 is the onset of much higher-grade optics in even consumer models. Read more from page 30 Hall 21./101 Hall 6.2/211 ContentS 03 > NEWS 15 > ExcluSivE iNtErviEW 20 > MarkEt & tEchNology trENdS 26 > MadE iN JapaN 30 > i SEE you 33 > hEalth & WEll BEiNg 34 > accESSoriES 36 > thE diary of MiSS ifa 37 > My BEautifull lauNdry 41 > SuStaiNaBlE dEvElopMENt iNitiativES 43 > tradE NEWS 44 > WhErE to go iN BErliN trade news David Miller Director of Harrods Home, Furniture, Toys, Sound & Vision "The scale of IFA gets bigger every year” (…) “The Loewe, Sony and Panasonic stands are impressive this year" See page 43 eXCLUSiVe inteRVieWS Susumu Kotani President, Pioneer Corporation "Not only have we radically reduced our production costs, but we have fundamentally changed our management policy". See page 28 Zhang tieyan Branding & Marketing Department Director, Haier Group Company "We have to think globally and create a global image, so branding is essential." See page 7

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