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Day 6 - IFA International

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THE DIARY OF MISS IFA Doing the laundry gets smarter, greener and faster "Since 2001 Miss IFA supports the global awareness of the leading consumer electronics trade show IFA. Emerged as a virtual character, this young woman with bright red hair is since 2005 a real and worldwide known representative of the IFA with high recognition value." Dirk Koslowski, IFA Senior Executive Manager. One way to make more energy-efficient washing machines is to enable them to wash more clothes at the same time with a bigger drum This is a smaller version of the giant washing machine positioned at the South Entrance to IFA It’s been great fun doing the Diary. Auf Wiedersehne and see you next year! Today’s IFA International spotlight is My Beautiful Laundry covering washes and dryers. Here are a few examples of the featured ‘‘models 36

My Beautiful Laundry No More Ironing Thanks to Gorenje's new tumble dryers with IonTech technology Six Ways to Wash Your Laundry LG’s 6 Motion Washing Machine: big drum, low energy LG Electronics has introduced the 12kg-capacity 6 Motion Direct Drive, a front-loading, high-performance washer with a raft of innovative features. The 6 Motion Direct Drive can handle the full range of fabric types with its six different drum cycles — tumbling, scrubbing, filtration, rolling, stepping and swing. These have been engineered to ensure that the various clothing types, from delicate silk garments Gorenje’s new tumble dryers are distinguished by cutting-edge drying and anti-crease technology, as well as a large drum with up to 9kg load capacity. According to Gorenje, SensorIQ intelligent sensor technology automatically optimises the drying process to take perfect care of laundry with extremely low power consumption. SensoCARE technology offers a choice between the regular NormalCARE, which includes optimised drying programmes, and the temperature-adjusted The new generation of Gorenje tumble dryer to rugged work jeans, are washed properly. Moreover, a large drum capacity in a standard-size machine means fewer loads — and therefore fewer laundry days. In addition, the new model boasts energy efficiency that is 20% higher than a conventional A+++-rated washing machine. “The 12kg front-load washing machine represents a big step forward in helping customers to take more control of their washing and their home’s energy use,” said Young-Ha Lee, CEO and President of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “With features such as 6 Motion Direct Drive and the A+++ rating, we are showing that we can combine market-leading performance and eco-friendliness in a single, highly innovative machine.” He added: “We are demonstrating that improving customers’ lives while improving the environment is the motor that drives everything we GentleCARE drying mode, which allows friendlier laundry care while helping users to preserve their garments. A bi-directional Twin Airsystem dries clothes evenly throughout the drying cycle, says Gorenje, while IonTech straightens the fibres by ionising the air, making the laundry even softer. Meanwhile, the SteamTech steam drying technology fluffs laundry while smoothing out creases and wrinkles. The result is fresh, fluffy laundry that can be put away without being ironed, say Gorenje. The new Gorenje tumble dryers come in various ProTex Aims to Protect The new AEG ProTex PLUS washing machines and tumble dryers are designed to be gentle on laundry and the environment. The dryer's heat pump technology dries fabrics at lower temperatures than many other machines, and the new airflow system dries garments evenly, with virtually no creasing. It consumes 50% less than the limit required for an A-Class rating and its 118-litre drum handles up to 9kg of laundry. The AEG ProTex tumble dryers are part of the stylish AEG Neue Kollektion in stainless steel with touch screen controls — a perfect match for the new AEG ProTex Plus washing machines, which are also designed to be “gentle on delicate fabrics”. The OptiSense system recognises how much laundry has been loaded, automatically adjusting the amount of water, energy and wash time. do.” Hall 4.1 Hall 1.1 Stand 101 Stand 103 models, from vented to condenser tumble dryers. The condenser heat pump tumble dryer is distinguished by its innovative technology and classified as 40% better than class A consumption. This is because the integrated heat pump allows it to use 40% less energy than a standard A-rated dryer. Another special feature is the unique IonTech technology or air ioniser, which Gorenje says further softens and cares for laundry by straightening the fibres and removing unpleasant odours such as tobacco smoke. Hall 1.1 Stand 201 Advanced Washing Technology (AWT) wets clothing quickly and evenly preventing localised spots of colour lightening. The large XXL ProTex patterned drum holds almost 70 litres with an integrated weight sensor measuring out the right amount of detergent. The end result of a wash and dry from the The new AEG ProTex PLUS washing machines and tumble dryers innovative AEG ProTex Plus range is “an even wash with less wear and tear making laundry look newer for longer”. IFA International • Wednesday 7 th September 2011 37

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