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Day 6 - IFA International

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My Beautiful Laundry No

My Beautiful Laundry No More Detergent Over-Dosage Siemens has added two new flagships to its laundry care fleet The washer and dryer of the new iQ 800 Master Class feature intuitive design including a central illuminated programme selector with integrated main switch, LED display of selected programmes, and crystal-clear TFT display — all of which, the company says, “set new standards for clarity and convenience”. Both the i-Dos automated dispenser and the blue- Therm heat pump follow the same simple principle, which makes it unnecessary to re-programme between washing and drying. Both appliances follow the same self-explanatory "left-to-right" operation so that users can feel the programme selection knob snap into place, while an LED lights up to indicate the selected programme. Multitone signals also support the control logic. Thanks to the new server lock, closing “is easy and convenient”. The dryer's modified door and sealing concept keeps lint from collecting at the porthole. The iQ 800 is environmentally friendly thanks to the Siemens precision dispenser system i-Dos, which answers users' questions about appropriate detergent dosage. The appliance must be filled with liquid detergent only about once every 20 wash cycles. That way, consumers avoid one of the most frequent mistakes The washer and dryer of the new Siemens iQ 800 Master Class Hall 1.1 Stand 101 when doing laundry: detergent over-dosage that leads to excess foam and unnecessary additional rinse cycles. The result is that the i-Dos saves laundry detergent and over 7,000 litres of water per year. The blue Therm heat pump technology makes the iQ 800 dryer “a champion energy saver”. Its energy efficiency is 60% below the limit for energy-efficiency category A, and the selfcleaning condenser spares the user the need for constant cleaning of various sieves and filters and also keeps lint build-up from impairing energy efficiency – for the entire life of the appliance. And users who are in a hurry, varioPerfect now also gives the option to switch the dryer from extremely energy-saving to extremely time-saving. Celebrating the Honeycomb Drum Miele has always taken a holistic approach to laundry care covering both washing and drying. The patented honeycomb drum – first introduced by Miele in 2001 – has been central to this approach for the past 10 years. To celebrate the fact that the honeycomb drum has been around for almost a decade Miele has launched the HomeCare XL campaign, comprising three washing machines and two tumble dryers. The promotional campaign is due to run from now until the end of January 2012.The washing machines featured in the XL campaign are taken from the W 1000 and W 5000 model ranges and feature additional special programmes for cleaning home textiles such as curtains, pillows and down-filled items. The washer from the W 5000 series also sports the EcoFeedback function as well as a new machine sanitisation programme. This programme is run without a laundry load to complement the Hygiene Info feature. This option ensures optimum laundry hygiene on machines used frequently for lowtemperature washing. For the very first time, HomeCare XL models will feature LiquidWash, which allows the precise quantity of liquid detergent required, to be dispensed automatically, according to the volume of laundry in the drum and the selected programme. Miele pioneered this feature some five years ago. The feature was born out of the company's many years of experience with liquid dispensing in commercial washerextractors. According to the Freiburg-based Öko-Institut, automatic dispensing can save up to 30% of detergent required. The XL campaign washing machines are complemented by tumble dryers with matching drying programmes. One model is the energy-efficient T 8000 WP HomeCare XL heat-pump dryer which, compared with a conventional condenser dryer, slashes consumption by half. The second model is a condenser dryer from the T 7000 series. Hall 2.1 Stand 101 Models featured in the Miele HomeCare XL campaign IFA International • Wednesday 7 th September 2011 39

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