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Day 6 - IFA International

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Day 6 - IFA

DAY 6 Hall Hall 3.1 / 103 Hall 3.2 / 201 21B / 104 Wednesday 10 th September 2014 IFA 2014: On The Move Watch this space – mobile manufacturers leverage IFA’s strength in retail CONTENTS 04 > NEWS 07 > TRADE TALK 08 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 15 > NOMADIC LIFESTYLE – PART 2 Dan Dery Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Global Marketing & Products Centre, Alcatel onetouch Read our exclusive interview on page 9 IFA decided this year to partner with CTIA Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas At IFA this year, mobile device manufacturers have made a firm move towards a twin bricks-and-mortar channel strategy, in no way abandoning the operators, but pushing much more strongly into retail. Embracing the mobile sector more than ever before, IFA decided this year to partner with CTIA Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas: the first time events like these on opposite sides of the Atlantic have been joined together for the greater benefit of all those attending. Major trends in the mobile market are brought to light at IFA such as the growing interest in mobile as an integral part of the wider CE and HE ecosystem, the evolution of the mobile sector towards the midmarket as consumers increasingly shun highlypriced devices – just as has been happening for TV, and the tangible change in the way in which top European retailers package these ideas. One prime example of a mobile manufacturer leveraging the strength of IFA in retail is that of Alcatel onetouch, a renowned brand being revitalised on a global scale – but melded within an infrastructure of IT and CE products. See our exclusive interview with the company’s CMO, Dan Dery, page 9 Nomadic Lifestyle PART 2 To celebrate the linking-up of IFA with CTIA Super Mobility Week for these last days of the show, today we have a second special feature on the mobile world spotlighting smartphones that have made a splash here at IFA, and including a buyers’ guide detailing the key selling points to look for when selecting devices for your stores. Read from page 15 20 > SPOTLIGHT ON JAPAN 21 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN TRADE TALK THOUGHT LEADERS Noel Lee Head Monster Friedrich Sobol it is crucial that our members secure a strong foothold for themselves in the ever more important market for mobile telephony. See page 7 What we have created is an environment or a platform for innovation, creativity and collaboration. See page 8 Member of ElectronicPartner Management Board Hiroshi Sasaki President, Yamaha Music Europe It is very clear that consumers are looking for products that can be easily controlled by their smart device. See page 20

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