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Day 5 - IFA International

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Day 5 - IFA

IFA: The Ultimate Trading Center Done DeAls AnD DeAls To be Done! IFA 2009 RepoRTs bRIsk bUsIness Tuesday 8 th September 2009 Hall 5.2 Stand 101 DAY 5 Werner Winkelmann, President Euronics International As IFA 2009 enters its last two days of trading, a large part of the major deals that are signed every year have been concluded. Some agreements reportedly amount to hundreds of millions of Euros and the total is expected to reach around 3-billion Euros. For the major players in trade, as underlined by Werner Winkelmann, President of Euronics International (left), IFA is the “unavoidable” meeting place for the development of their business. In this issue of IFA International, we take a close-up look One of the great strengths of IFA is its strategy to deal with the full gamut of Consumer Lifestyle products rather than just focussing on one subgroup of products. In this sense, major components of the market such as the digital still camera segment or mobile devices formerly only present in “vertical market” shows are finding their place at IFA as they converge in the Consumer Lifestyle Ecosystem. In this issue, we spotlight digital still cameras. See page 12. "…there are two major trends in Western Europe: cocooning and wellbeing…" at how business is really going at IFA, with exclusive interviews with top trade representatives at the show, clearing the waters and tracking the trends at the show. Euronics for their part underline that there are two major trends in Western Europe: cocooning and wellbeing. See trade news feature from Page 30 Cameras – Part of the Lifestyle Equation Hall 4.2 ConTenTs 04 > NEWS 07 > KEyNotE rEviEWS 08 > EXCLUSivE iNtErviEWS 12 > SPECiAL FEAtUrE: CAmErAS & oPtiCAL dEviCES 19 > ProdUCt trENdS 21 > CAFé CorNEr 29 > GrEEN PAGE 30 > trAdE NEWS 37 > WHErE to Go iN BErLiN keYnoTe ReVIeW eXClUsIVe InTeRVIeW Ferdinand kayser President & CEO SES Astra “Today, satellite provides more than a quarter of all TV households with their digital TV signals…” See page 7 laurent Abadie Chairman & CEO Panasonic Europe “Our sales results during the summer, showed growth compared to last year, which is a good sign…" See page 8 DREAM WITH YOUR EYES OPEN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW OF THE MOVIE AVATAR HALL 5.2 ONLY IN CINEMAS DECEMBER © 2009 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved. PAN_Avatar_230x60_IFA_Int_Cover_39L.indd 1 21.08.2009 13:39:43 Uhr

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