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Day 5 - IFA International

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CAFÉ CORNER CAFE CORNER COFFEE mOvEs FROm hOt dRiNk tO COOl 'liFEstylE EvENt' Coffee drinking has become a major cultural trend over the past few years - as the growing number of coffee-focused companies at IFA testifies. While 10 years ago, coffee was a drink, now it is an event. In this special section, IFA International profiles the numerous ideas and solutions aimed at coffee fanatics on the show floor. WmF: smAll BUt BEAUtiFUlly FORmEd It's being billed by manufacturer WMF as "the world's smallest pad coffeemaker" and, according to a company spokesperson, the WMF1 will fit any desk. Smaller than a telephone directory, the one-button pad machine can prepare fresh coffee in less than one minute, says WMF. It is available in a range of colours: berry, mango, kiwi, stone and silver. WMF is also exhibiting the Prestolino speciality coffee machine, which can make 70 cups in a day and offers 12 programmable specialities, as well as the ability to heat milk and water. The Prestolino, which has been designed with medium-sized offices and the small business sector in mind, has two separate containers for the beans, enabling coffee to be made from different kinds of beans. The touch screen can be used to programme an extravagant macchiato break. This involves mixing the milk and foamed milk layers before the espresso is added. There is also a barista button for selecting the strength of the espresso. Some of these machines are already equipped with a zero-energy function. Even when a machine is turned off, it is still consuming energy - something that this new function avoids. And if you forget to turn the machine off, an automatic cut-off device does it for you. Hall 6.1 / Stand 108 PhiliPs: miNimAlist mOvE Since launching the first Senseo coffee-maker in 2001, Philips has shifted 25 million units. At IFA 2009, the Dutch company is showcasing the latest addition to its Senseo series. According to Philips, the new Senseo Quadrante Range is aimed squarely at style-conscious coffee enthusiasts who want to make a daring design statement in their kitchens. The Quadrante marks a break with the curving shape of the original Senseo, which has been replaced by a more angular design. "The Quadrante was developed to appeal to those consumers who like a more urban and minimalist look, which is something that we have noticed is becoming extremely popular again," said Vidya Sagar Gannamani, Category Leader for Beverage Appliances at Philips. The Quadrante, which has chrome accents, is available in black or white. Philips recently announced the acquisition of Italy's SAECO, a major European player in espresso machines for the home. The move strengthens Philips' position in both the espresso-machine market and the global coffee market. Hall 22 / Stand 101 illy: mOdERN ClAssiCs Illy continues to bring its professional sensibilities to the domestic coffee-maker market with the Metodop Iperespresso. The new models incorporate iconic design and solid build, and feature a newly developed system using Iperespresso capsules. These have been designed to work in a twophase extraction chamber. During the hyper-infusion phase, the coffee powder and water are combined at the right pressure. This is followed by the emulsion phase, during which coffee passes through the valve. The end result, says Illy, is a velvety, full-bodied, creamy espresso, enriched by an "amazingly thick and longlasting crema". All Illy's latest models - the X1, X7 and X8 - utilise the Iperespresso system. Colour schemes include red, stainless steel and black. Illy has also launched a model called GoodNews, which features a built-in radio. The funky-looking one-litre design offers acoustic and light systems, and is available in five colours: red, yellow, white, pink and black. Hall 6.1 / Stand 106 IFA International • Tuesday, 8 th September 2009 21

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