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Day 4 - IFA International

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Day 4 - IFA

international Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA IFA 2008 Deciding the Future of the Planet IFA BECOMES THE WORLD FORUM FOR UNDERLINING MOVES TO WORK TOWARDS HIGHER ENERGY EFFICIENCY Dr Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet Chairman and CEO BSH The movement is clear. Virtually all companies present at IFA are highlighting their efforts to reduce energy consumption, both in production and in consumer use, as well as, in some cases (such as Sharp), developing new sources of energy. The weekend keynote by the Chairman of the Board of Management and Chief Executive Officer of Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte (B/S/H), Dr Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet, brought home the sobering message that today, household appliances account for 21% of the world’s CO 2 emissions and 29% of global resource consumption. Making its European début at IFA 2008, Sony’s sound entertainment player “Rolly”, offering a unique music experience, will be available in selected European outlets this October. “Rolly” is Sony’s unique palm-sized music entertainment player which spins and dances to the rhythm of music. Fusing Sony’s innovations in artificial intelligence and portable audio technology, “Rolly” combines superb “By working together, manufacturers, trade, political leaders and consumers can do much to achieve this major goal” According to Dr Gutberlet, the use of energy-efficient appliances could result in a global annual saving of more than 700 TWh by 2030 – more than all the electricity used in Germany over the year. Read more page 11. The “Rolly” Experience! sound quality with motion capabilities, providing a truly unique entertainment experience. Read about other new, cool products at IFA from page 22… Monday 1 st September 2008 Hall 20 Stand 101 Hall 3.2 Stand 101 Hall 5.2 Stand 101 DAY 4 CONTENTS 05 > NEWS 13 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGIES TRENDS 18 > MEET THE VISIONARIES 22 > PRODUCT TRENDS 29 > THE GREEN PAGE 31 > HOME APPLIANCES @ IFA 35 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS B.B. Hwang President and CEO Digital Media Company LG Electronics Inc. “…our BD player will allow our clients to use a remote control to log onto our services and select movies, just like watching TV…” See page 18 Masaaki Fujita Senior Vice President Visual Product and Display Devices Business Group Panasonic AVC Network Company “With NeoPDP technology, we have created some very exciting technical breakthroughs in new material and process technologies, cell design technology and circuit and drive technologies.” See page 20

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