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Day 4 - IFA International

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Day 4 - IFA International

I FA international Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA Hall 3.1 / 103 Hall 3.2 / 201 Hall 21 / 104 DAY 4 Monday 9 th September 2013 Hall 21A Massive New Potential Markets! IFA 2013 – Endless possibilities thanks to connectivity – new youth for industry CONTENTS 06 > NEWS 13 > PRESS CORNER 19 > TRADE NEWS Li Dong Sheng Chairman and CEO, TCL See interview page 22 This year at IFA, we find the same incredible enthusiasm that was the hallmark of the years before the economic crunch, with an atmosphere of creativity, constructive exchanges and… business. Some manufacturers are experiencing dizzying growth, meaning those with the right ideas are on the rise, and savvy retailers with the right balance of products are staying ahead of the competition. To be convinced, it suffices to stroll around the iZone where exhibitors have the same enthusiasm and passion for new, exciting landmark products as companies of the technological revolution of the 1980s. “ (…) an incredible swag of top-line executives (…)” Added to that, the message of an incredible swag of top-line executives, such as Chairman Li Dong Sheng (pictured left) goes in the same direction: connectivity and cloud-based services open endless possibilities of business development. Nomadic Lifestyle With a literal explosion of the mobile sector, and its total integration into the broader consumer electronics sphere, in many ways, this is now an indispensable part of the show, as these devices interact with each other and become part of our “smart lives”. In today’s issue we take a close up look at smartphones, tablets, accessories, compact system cameras and over-ear headphones in our first ever IFA International buyers’ guides on these product categories. Read the special section from page 25 22 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW 25 > NOMADIC LIFESTYLE 48 > SPOTLIGHT ON CHINA 50 > GREEN PAGE 51 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN TRADE NEWS Franz Schnur Managing Director of telering Marketing “I see a positive trend with TVs that have the ability to access internet content and can be integrated into the home network.” See page 21 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Noel Lee Founder and CEO, Monster – aka Head Monster "Our innovation doesn’t stop at the products. Our innovation continues on to how to sell the product" See page 12 Chaim Ning Senior Vice President Europe Changhong "We currently have 90,000 employees worldwide." See page 49

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