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Day 4 - IFA International

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Official Daily News

Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA News THE NEWS, VIEWS AND PRODUCTS THAT ARE MAKING HEADLINES IN BERLIN Samsung finally unveiled its long-awaited Galaxy Gear smartwatch on Wednesday, ending months of intense speculation. The voiceactivated device features a built-in camera and communicates interactively with smartphones. According to Samsung CEO JK Shin, the watch, which comes in six colours, also aims to be a “fashion statement”. The Korean manufacturer is also showcasing its nextgeneration UHD TVs and — making its European debut — the OLED S9C TV with curved screen and multi-view function. IFA 2013’s focus on smart technology is reflected in the product line-up from Philips Consumer Lifestyle. Among the Dutch electronic giant’s Berlin headliners are the HomeCooker neXt, which connects via wi-fi to a new recipe app; and a prototype of the GranBaristo Avanti coffee-maker, which allows you to create the perfect espresso or latte macchiato with your smart device. “Consumers are increasingly looking for smart, personalised solutions that help them to be healthy, live well and enjoy life,” said Philips Consumer Lifestyle’s Pieter Nota. CTIA and IFA to Produce First Borderless Trade Show in 2014 America’s CTIA will join with IFA to create a global, borderless platform for the mobile, consumer electronics, and home appliance industries The partnership will create Super Mobility Week, the first global platform of its kind for retailers, buyers, distributors, manufacturers, vendors and carriers to launch the next generation of new products and services for work, home and play. And it could not have happened at a more appropriate moment, according to Robert Mesirow, Vice President, CTIA & Show Director CTIA - The Wireless Association. “We've been in discussions for some time about extending our relationship with IFA, plus we have participated in each other's events in smaller ways for several years, so the new partnership was very much a logical extension of what had gone before,” he admits. “And the reason we believe the timing is so right is that we are moving from an era when mobile phones were about connecting people to each other, into a time when the mobile is as much about talking to the machines in your house, like a sort of universal remote control.” The growing maturity and relevance of smart grids, smart homes, and white goods that rely ever more on wireless connectivity is at the root of this new initiative: “The whole idea of wireless infrastructure powering homes and empowering people is really coming together, and what we bring to the table is the folks who power the wireless back end,” Mesirow says. The agreement will create a powerful trans-Atlantic partnership: “When you see how wireless technology is transforming health care, education and now white goods and homes, it's clear that our eco-system is weaving into the world that IFA covers,” Mesirow observes. “And because CTIA made its reputation by being ahead of market rather than playing catchup, we intend to re-invent the idea of the trade show with our partners at IFA.” “The whole idea of wireless infrastructure powering homes and empowering people is really coming together” Robert Mesirow Vice president, CTIA THE IFA PARTNERSHIP The CTIA Super Mobility Show will take place September 9, 10 & 11 2014 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas and IFA will take place September 5—10 at the Messe Berlin Fairgrounds in Berlin Germany. 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News GfK Finds Strong Audio Market Mobile capabilities and design boost sales GfK, one of the world’s largest research companies, presented new findings on the audio market during its Sound On The Move – New Chances In Audio conference at IFA. One of the findings is that consumers are increasingly looking for new ways to experience audio. Sound bars are becoming popular as televisions become increasingly thinner, with sales in 2013 at three times the volume of the previous year. Connected audio is also in demand from consumers, who are increasingly looking for new ways to connect their phones or tablets to sound systems. Unit sales in this area increased by 48% in the first half of this year. Innovation in audio products is proving diverse as, unlike televisions, audio hardware has few design limitations. And, while television set prices are constantly falling, audio hardware prices are remaining steady. The sales share of portable speakers with Bluetooth capabilities increased to one in three in 2013, and portable speakers, like headphones, are becoming popular as fashion accessories; in 2013 headphone sales in Europe are 2.5 times greater than in 2012. Through its retail panel, GfK regularly collects data on TV and video equipment, portable audio products, camcorders, hi-fi and home cinema systems as well as incar electronics in more than 90 countries worldwide. For the Western European market, this evaluation is based on information from Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands for the first half of 2013. Hall Grosser Stern Vip room 2 Innovation in audio products is proving diverse as, unlike televisions, audio hardware has few design limitations. 4K UHD TV Demonstrations at IFA Delegates can witness world-first demo in the TecWatch zone Peter Siebert Executive Director, DVB DVB, the industry-led consortium of over 200 broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators, software developers and regulators, is partnering with Eutelsat and Kabel Deutschland to bring three demonstrations of 4K UHDTV, delivered via DVB-S2 and DVB-C2 broadcast standards. The demos are taking place on the joint DVB/ANGA booth in IFA’s TecWatch zone. ANGA is the Cologne-based Exhibition and Congress for Broadband, Cable and Satellite. In the first of three demonstrations, a 4K HEVC encoded signal is being transmitted from Eutelsat's uplink station in Paris using DVB-S2. The signal is then demodulated and fed directly into Village Island's HEVC contribution decoder. The rate of the source material is 50 frames-per-second, providing good video quality even for fast-action movement. In the first-ever showing of DVB-C2 delivering 4K video, a C2 transmission system consisting of a C2 modulator and a C2 demodulator will carry the 4K content. In addition to the 4K content being delivered via the Eutelsat 10A satellite link, there is also a local play-out with content provided by Sky Deutschland. After decoding with a Broadcom receiver the content is presented on a LG 4K display. In the third demonstration 4K content encoded with H.264 and transmitted via DVB-S2 by Eutelsat from Paris is fed directly into a Samsung display with integrated S2 receiver. “DVB will continue to work with its members and partners to ensure that the goal of bringing the striking clarity of UHDTV to the home is realised,” said Peter Siebert, Executive Director, DVB. Hall 11.1 IFA International • Monday 9 th September 2013 7

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