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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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BUYERS' GUIDE COFFEE MACHINES I FA international Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA STATE OF PLAY With over 20-million coffee machines sold annually in Europe, the trend is moving towards fully automatic espresso machines — portioned, highpressure capsule machines — with an increasing number of consumers looking at design and added functionality as important purchase criteria. There are many variables in the process of making good coffee — the temperature and pressure of the water, the fineness of the ground coffee and how tightly the coffee is packed are just a few. The management of all of these variables enables the production of quality espresso. While one of the main variables is, of course, the coffee itself, on this page we look at what makes a good high-end machine. MARKET GROWTH IN SMALL DOMESTIC APPLIANCE SALES VALUE GROWTH – HOT BEVERAGE MAKERS KEY SELLING POINTS TECHNOLOGY Energy efficiency Energy efficiency has been enhanced in recent years with measures such as auto powerdown, the better insulation of components and low or zero standby consumption. One striking recent step towards the development of super-efficient coffee machines is the application of flow-type heaters, which is the current best available technology (BAT). Brewing temperature control If the temperature of the water is too low, under-extraction occurs. Since acids in the beans are the first substances to dissolve, the coffee will taste weak and have a sour flavour. If the water temperature is too high, then over extraction occurs and the coffee tastes bitter. High performance grinder In machines that include a grinder, a key USP is efficiency and quiet functioning. A high performance grinder can reduce grinding time and noise by up to 50%. Improved grinder geometry and finer teeth guarantee consistent grinding results throughout the lifetime of a machine. FEATURES INNOVATING @ IFA Ease of Use Consumers appreciate the user-friendly operation and individual programmability of a clear LCD display. High-end machines include the choice of coffee strength and volume. Energy Saving Mode An energy saving or ‘ecomode’ is often factory set but may also be programmed by the user. This mode lowers the temperature of the heating element after a few minutes from the standard 90°C to about 60°C. The coffee machine is then no longer in ‘ready’ mode, but requires less heating time before dispensing coffee than when heating up from a cold state. Milk frothing device The foam produced should be both fine and compact, giving a creamy consistency with a subtle sweetness. Different kinds exist, but high-tech frothers can now produce milk foam of unprecedented quality. EDG305WB DOLCE GUSTO MINI ME ESPRESSO MACHINE De’Longhi’s Mini Me brings ergonomic design and budget value to the coffee-machine market. It features thermoblock technology and 15 bar automatic pressure regulation for reliable and consistent heating. The Mini Me, which works with coffee pods, is one of the most affordable coffee machines on the market. The machine switches into stand-by mode after five minutes of inactivity. » HALL 4.1 / STAND 208 DESIGN Premium materials For optimal durability and appearance, high-end coffee machines should be constructed of the best quality materials, such as aluminium, steel and highgrade plastics. Modern styling Good quality coffee machines should come in a choice of colours, to reflect the trends dominating contemporary kitchen design. High quality displays A large, clear TFT display should offer selfexplanatory and intuitive operation. An automatic specialty coffee machine should guide users through menus and programming with text and images. Interactive navigation should make operation — whether customising a latte macchiato or checking out a maintenance programme — as quick and easy as possible. 2102 – sales value in euros, growth in % THE FUTURE As with other small kitchen appliances, coffee machines are evolving to become both ‘products as an object of utility’ and ‘products as stylish furnishing’. Small kitchen appliances will become more and more integrated into the home while offering maximum functionality and user-friendliness. Energy efficiency will play an ever-greater role. » HALL 1.1 / STAND 102 UMILK Nespresso continues to innovate in the convenience coffee industry. Its latest model, UMilk, cuts down on extra cables by joining the milk heater to the coffee machine. A canister is hooked up to the machine’s base and requires no separate power outlet. An upgrade on last year’s Nespresso U, UMilk is simple to use, and can be activated with one touch or two depending on whether a customer wants their milk hot frothed or cold frothed. » HALL 1.1A / STAND 202 Our thanks to the following industry leaders and professionals who helped us compile this buyers' guide: Grundig, Jura and Melitta 46

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