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Day 1 - IFA International

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Special Feature SMARTPHONES BOOST MOBILE MARKET WORLDWIDE GFK: MOBILE FINDINGS FOR THE FIRST HALF OF 2012 AT THE IFA TRADE FAIR The global demand for smartphones continues unabated, in spite of the continued difficult economic climate prevailing in many countries. According to GfK, more than 650 million smartphones have been sold, representing an increase of around 50% year-on-year. This growth has disadvantaged feature phones. In many west European countries, significantly more smartphones than feature phones are already being sold, and so for manufacturers, this means that a range of attractive smartphones is an absolute must. On the other hand, if manufacturers position themselves in the dwindling feature phone market where the profit margins are also lower, they will come to a dead end sooner or later. Particularly in the case of the more expensive mobiles, consumers are almost exclusively buying smartphones. This means that smartphones costing in excess of €150 now account for at least 80% of global mobile phone sales. Conversely, in the emerging economies and developing countries, more feature phones are still being sold at present. However, the share attributable to smartphones is growing at a significantly faster rate, since on the one hand, purchasing power in these countries is rising and on the other, there tends to be a burgeoning middle class. New Jackets Required Artwizz focuses on new iPhone 4/4S colourlines Founded in 2004, Berlin-based Artwizz has become a popular brand for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac accessories, both in Germany and throughout Europe. Artwizz General Manager Michael Eden tells IFA International how it happened… We always aim to make highquality, user-friendly, stylish products, and I believe that’s why Artwizz accessories are highly regarded by customers worldwide. Artwizz fuses new ideas and modern technology into innovative accessories for Apple devices and other smart phones. And, in line, with the rise in popularity of all types of smartphones, the variety and range of our products has grown. You are one of only a few companies based in Berlin to be present at IFA. Tell us more about the background of Artwizz… When I started to work for Artwizz in 2004, the company was basically only a name and a logo. I remember very well the first time I saw the iPod Mini around that time. I immediately knew I had stumbled on a great opportunity for Artwizz. And I was right — I very quickly started to love my work. The Artwizz AluClip What are key products for IFA? Our main focus for this year’s IFA is our colourline for the iPhone 4/4S — the SeeJacket Clip Light, the Leather Pouch Nubuck and the Artwizz AluClip. Generally speaking, people simply want more colours. What are Artwizz’s USPs? High-quality materials, userfriendly products and good post-sales support are the most important things for us. Sustainability is a big part of your message. Why? I think that’s the only way to guarantee the future of the company. How do you anticipate new Apple products? That must be pretty difficult… The best way to be prepared is simply to think the same way Apple does. You have to ask: “What would Apple want to create and what are they able to make?” » HALL 15.1 / STAND 119 WIRELESS CHARGING FROM MAXELL The Wireless Qi Charging Mat and Charging Sleeves for iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II conform to the Qi Wireless Charging Specification, a wireless technology standard that has been adopted by many manufacturers to allow for wireless charging with Qi-compatible electronic devices. Users simply insert the iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S II into the respective Charging Sleeve, place the phone onto the Charging Mat, and the phone will charge automatically and wirelessly. No external cables, connectors or docking is required and the iPad 2 can still be used while charging. The Wireless Charging Set for iPad 2 » HALL 17 / STAND 103 MAKE ACTION MOVIES ON YOUR IPHONE Mophie, a developer of solutions that allow consumers to do more with their mobile devices, is debuting its action sports camera, Outride, a combination app and hardware that puts the power to record and share tricks, tracks, rides, and epic moments in the hands of action sports enthusiasts, using only their iPhone. Outride eliminates the need for dedicated video or camera devices by harnessing the existing features of the iPhone and adding the hardware and software for all-in-one filming, editing and sharing. Outride hardware is waterproof and impact resistant, incorporates a wideangle lens and comes bundled with a variety of custom mounts to capture action shots in the surf, snow, dirt or concrete. » HALL 15.1 / STAND 137 Mophie’s Outride IFA International • Friday 31 st August 2012 31

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