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Day 5 - IFA International

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Plan of orientation for

Plan of orientation for handicapped Hall 3.1- Stand 109 Hall 25 - Stand 110 22

KITCHEN LIFESTYLE FRIDGES WINE CABINETS OVENS COFFEE MACHINES SMALL APPLIANCES e163bn ESTIMATED MDA SALES FOR 2015 5% RISE IN VALUE OF GLOBAL MDA MARKET IN FIRST 6 MONTHS OF 2015 14% HIKE IN SALES OF KITCHEN APPLIANCES IN WESTERN EUROPE IN FIRST 6 MONTHS OF 2015 Preparation and Cooking Under the Spotlight at IFA One of the most spectacular aspects of stands such as Miele, Bosch, Siemens and Panasonic is the live cooking shows throughout the exhibition days of IFA. Indeed, the enticing scents of sizzling meats and vegetables, accompanied by the occasionally acrobatic antics of the cooking experts on the stage demonstrating the new capabilities of these high tech devices, has our taste buds dancing from even the early hours of the day. The storing and preparation of food are all important when it comes to ensuring freshness and finesse of presentation. “Smarter” devices genuinely improve our wellbeing and assist in ways we would have never thought possible until now. Increasingly, the kitchen has become an integral part of our daily lives, no longer separated from the living room in many cases, and the act of preparing and cooking spectacular dishes has become a pleasure – even an art – to be shared with friends and family. In this section we look at the cleverest and smartest devices on show at IFA… enough to get your mouth watering! EUROPE'S MAJOR DOMESTIC APPLIANCE MARKET ON THE RISE At IFA, GfK has published its findings on the global major domestic appliance market for the first six months of 2015, showing that while sales in units decreased by 1%, the revenue driven by exchange rate effects based on the Euro increased by 9%. Western and Eastern Europe, China and particularly India from the rank of the BRIC markets were the growth drivers. The forecast for the whole of 2015 for the major domestic appliances market, including North America, accounts for revenue of 163bn Euros. WESTERN EUROPE: CRISIS COUNTRIES RECOVER In terms of value, Western Europe is still considered among the most important markets for white goods. During the first six months of 2015, the market for major domestic appliances recorded an increase of 5% in quantity and value. The larger countries' markets yielded above average strong improvement. Germany boasts sales units growth of 7%, and Great Britain 6%. Moreover, markets recovered that had been strongly affected by the European financial crisis in previous years. In terms of units Spain's as well as Greece’s home appliance market saw a higher demand than last year during the first half of this year. In fact, in Spain the market grew by 9%, in Greece by 12%. For the entire year, a sales value of 35bn Euros in Western Europe is forecasted. STRENGTH IN SALES OF KITCHEN DEVICES BOLSTERS SDA MARKET Small domestic appliances are increasing in global popularity. According to GfK, global sales grew in the first six months of 2015 by 12% to approximately €18 billion. In particular China, the UK and Germany specifically contributed to this growth. Appliances such as stand mixers and rice cookers were in high demand. Coffee and espresso makers were purchased less in the first six months. However, the trend towards higherquality appliances led to a sales increase of 4%. In particular, the two most significant segments, espresso capsule machines and fully automatic espresso machines (13% increase each), boosted this development. As before, Western Europe is the most significant growth driver for espresso machines. While positive business momentum for fully automatic espresso makers comes from Germany and Poland, Brazil and the UK drive sales trends for espresso capsule machines. Kettles also experienced an upswing. Global sales rose by 12% in comparison to last year. MAJOR GROWTH FOR SMALL APPLIANCES The retail market for kitchen appliances grew in several segments by double digits, reaching worldwide sales of e 4.2bn. While rice cookers (35% increase) are a classic Asian success story, Western Europe and Asia together are driving positive sales growth with juicers (29% increase) and stand mixers (38% increase). Kitchen appliance sales grew in Western Europe (14% increase). A global trend is emerging with hot air fryers (37% increase): all regions contributed to this sales growth. IFA International • Tuesday 8 th September 2015 23

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