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Day 5 - IFA International

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Special Feature

Special Feature Dishwashers Continued from p. 35 by Miele in 1987, have remained unchanged. Each item of cutlery is held separately, is thoroughly and gently cleaned and can be removed both conveniently and hygienically.” User convenience was a high priority during development work. An example is provided by the BrilliantLight interior lighting: Four powerful LEDs immerse the dishwasher cabinet in bright light with the area in front of the dishwasher also well lit, making loading and unloading significantly easier. Unique, too, are the completely redesigned baskets offering a broad range of load configurations. Another highlight is the new MultiComfort area, with its ability to accommodate three parallel rows of plates in the lower basket. This area offers ample space for large plates with a diameter of up to 35 cm, cutting boards, platters, bowls and even tall beer glasses. The rows of spikes and the height-adjustable glass rails are hinged, offering numerous ways of placing tall stemware in both the upper and lower baskets. The variable-width cup rack in the upper basket ensures that even large, oversized cups are secure. The ergonomic basket handles are made from choice materials and simplify handling considerably. It’s a familiar scenario: the party is in full swing, with plenty of eating and drinking going on – meanwhile in the kitchen it’s all hands to the pumps! That’s when it's good to have a clean glass or plate in your hand when you need one. And a lengthy baking session or preparing and arranging a lavish menu creates plenty of washingup too. It’s precisely for situations like these that Bosch has developed a new dishwashing programme that will be launched in the ActiveWater range from this fall: TurboSpeed 20 Minute. As the feature’s name suggests, in just 20 minutes those just-used dishes will emerge gleaming from the dishwasher. And that miracle can be repeated as often as you need. The TurboSpeed 20 Minute program consists of a number of phases. After being put on standby, the water and the container are heated up in just 25 minutes. As soon as the machine is loaded, the program can be started immediately. Because the cycle starts at a high temperature of 65°C, it takes just 20 minutes to get dishes, plastic bowls, mixing spoons or glasses clean. The modern technology featured in Bosch’s ActiveWater dishwashers – ranging from sensor functions and the mechanical elements of the spray systems to their clever use of space – goes to ensure that optimum results are possible even within this short space of time. Bosch has also managed to reduce the water consumption of the latest generation of its already highly efficient Hall 3.1 Stand 101 Bosch’s ActiveWater dishwashers by another half litre, to just 6.5 litres for the standard cycle, making the new machines the world champions in water conservation. The new efficiency improvements were made possible by making additional improvements throughout the entire machine. The water economy of the dishwasher means that even a normal household, running its dishwasher every day, can reduce its drinking water consumption by more than 180 litres per year with the new model. And for large households running two or even three cycles per day, the savings become even more noticeable. Miele’s G 5000 series Hall 2.1 Stand 101 “... it takes just 20 minutes to get dishes, plastic bowls, mixing spoons or glasses clean.” 36

Exclusive Interview Dochul Choi, Senior Vice President and head of the Digital Appliances R&D Strategy team at Samsung, with Richard Barnes, Editor-in-Chief of IFA International Strategies to market Engineering and Design remain strong points for the Korean Giant As kitchens become smarter and laundries become a place where technology is a "constant", it is interesting to see that Samsung is underlining the "digital" part of its "Digital Appliance" division. Dochul Choi is Senior Vice President and head of the Digital Appliances R&D Strategy team at Samsung . “We are trying to create a “smart kitchen”, as part of the smart home.” Mr Choi, last year we were talking about the importance of Samsung’s reactivity in the market, given that your time to market – from idea to product – is very fast. Is this still a key strength? I think that is one of the most important strengths of Samsung. In order to have market share, you need to be quick to introduce new models to the market. In most of our products, we have the most up-to-date technology. That is how we survive and grow… Not just in white goods, but in all our product categories. We have spoken about energy saving, but are there any other “green” aspects that we should be talking about? Yes indeed. Sustainability is important. But I would like to focus the eco-system a little differently as there is a lot more we can do to improve the system apart from simple energy saving. For example, in washing machines you should try to save water and that is why we came up with the bubble technology, which does that. Water will become much more rare and expensive in years to come. The other thing that is worth mentioning is the water filtration systems in our refrigerators, which enable users to go without bottled water. Bottled water is a sin against the eco-system! Bottles are carried on trucks and covered in plastic film. Consumption of bottled water is a habit in the US and Europe which needs to be changed. Sensors are also very important. With the use of sensors, you can keep food fresh longer. Our digital advancements are not only for energy conservation – but also for sensing – so you can deliver the best results to customers. I still believe that there is a long way to go in the application of IT to white goods… But it is a very interesting time. We have seen transition from analogue TV to digital TV and now it is time to see that transition from analogue white goods technology to digital white goods technology. We are trying to create a “smart kitchen”, as part of the smart home. This will make it a very interesting time. IBM may dominate in the field of the “smart home”, but Samsung would like to be dominant in the smart kitchen. How much are you working with other parts of Samsung to create a uniform style? Home appliance products are different from other product groups. For example, TV design is very different from home appliance product design. But we can use some technologies taken from TV manufacturing, such as the frame manufacturing. The TOC double moulded transparent Bordeaux frame is an example. We can use this for the door of a front-loading washing machine. Recently we used the very special coating technology from a mobile phone for our robot vacuum cleaner. It is called “CMF” – which means “Colour Material Finishing” – and plays a key factor in the success of our TV and mobile phones. I would like to use this kind of successful DNA in our Home Appliance products! People should not use the term “white” goods anymore! What are the main trends in design this year? Are we seeing more glass finish? It is very interesting. I was very happy to see that the global trend of home appliance finishing is changing and that we can lead in this field. We will challenge every new technology for finishing, making home appliances more colourful and visually pleasant and exciting. We will find some kind of identity for Samsung electronics in all our products. This is a different product, but still, you have to create harmony. Internally, people don’t always recognise this. But I am starting to see some link between our brown goods and white goods. The main general trend concerns visual appearance. Eco and energy conservation are not trends – they are a necessity – the road you have to go. But the visual aspect is a true trend. IFA International • Tuesday, 7 th September 2010 37

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