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Day 5 - IFA International

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46" 9000 LED Series

46" 9000 LED Series There are millions of ways to tell a story. There’s only one way to watch one, on Europe’s best LCD TV of the year!* Once again, the EISA experts have debated and deliberated. And this year, they gave their prestigious ‘‘LCD TV of the Year 2010-2011’’award to our 46" 9000 LED series for having the best performance and picture quality. This makes it the 10th consecutive year that we’ve won. See you here again next year? *46PFL9705 – was voted the EISA European LCD TV of the year 2010-2011

Jarre realises his vision of the future News Top artists sing praises of quality MUSICIAN Jean-Michel Jarre is at IFA for the official worldwide launch of AeroSystem One, his company Jarre Technologies’ first product. The legend in Berlin on Tech Trail Musical legend Quincy Jones was full of enthusiasm for the Signature line of headphones created in partnership with AKG. AeroSystem One is an iPhone- and iPodcompatible, HD multi-directional sound tower equipped with a full-spectrum speaker, delivering stereophonic sound from a single multi-axial point. It’s also possible to connect other smartphones and MP3 players, laptops, CD and DVD players and even vinyl turntables. AeroSystem One is the realisation of Jarre’s vision of “the ideal sound-system of the future”. “We have progressively lost our emotional rapport with sound,” Jarre said. “With the progress of technology, the conditions of recording music in the studio have advanced considerably, whereas the means of listening in general has gotten progressively worse.The vinyl has been replaced by the CD, largely inferior in quality, which has now given way to even more low-grade MP3 files.” Jarre’s idea for AeroSystem One was to create a product that can accept all digital formats, as well as turntables “with an aesthetic ambition, while privileging optimum audio quality – with bass and a dynamic acoustic that correspond to our listening habits today”, all at an affordable price. “As a musician, I have always strived for my albums and live performance to render a sound as close as possible to perfection,” Jarre said. “It is time for home-entertainment to be true to the genesis of the initial emotion created by the musicians in the studio. AeroSystem One is the result of my cogitation and technical research, the first of a range of audio products – a range dedicated to visual is to follow.” AeroSystem One is the result of four years research and development by Jarre and his team of sound engineers. Available now, it is priced at €799. “I’ve been using AKG microphones and headphones all my life, and I’m deeply honoured to be part of this project with my favourite manufacturer,” Jones said. “They have an amazing audio range and, let’s be honest here, all every musician really wants is for their music to be heard in the way that they intended it to be heard, and that’s what lies behind this signature range. AKG has a very highly developed sense of the importance of sonic properties. We build the songs and AKG builds the devices that enable the accurate reproduction of those sounds and brings that to the consumers, so for me we’re all part of the same family.” The consultation period between Jones and AKG was, according to composer/arranger/producer, a sonic marriage made in heaven. “My feedback to AKG was an important part of the development process, but so was the fact that AKG was determined to develop headphones that are very much next-generation equipment,” he said. “It’s hugely important that the technology backs-up your musical chops.” Jones also took the opportunity to comment on the current state of the music industry. “I love technology and I have always embraced the latest developments, especially in terms of sound reproduction and computing", said the producer of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the biggest-selling album of all time. “But I worry about young musicians today because the music industry has been so weakened by file-sharing, which means there is much less financial support to help them develop. And on top of that, computer programmes that enable people to avoid learning an instrument, are undermining the science of music.” international Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA IFA International is a clEvERdiS publication 65 avenue Jules Cantini - Tour Méditerranée – 13006 Marseille • France • Tel: + 33 442 77 46 00 • Fax: + 33 442 77 46 01 SaRl capitalised at €128,250 - VAT FR 95413604471 / RCS Marseille 413 604 471 • • During IFA: Press Center – Hall 6.3 – Room 400 • Tel: +49 (0)30 3038 81136 / Fax: +49 (0)30 3038 81146 • • Publisher: Gérard Lefebvre • Publishing Director: Jean-Guy Bienfait • Project Manager: Bettina Badon • Editor-in-Chief: Richard Barnes • Associate Editor: Jooree Cho • Editorial team: Neil Crossley, Michael Demiak, Marc Dezzani, Joe Morgan, Julian Newby, Emmanuel Poidevin, Gary Smith, Jo Stephens • Photos: Didier Baverel • Videos: cine plus Media Service gmbh & co. kg • Art Director: Hélène Beunat • Design & Page Setting: Valentina Russo, Guillaume Vinrich • Webmaster: Benjamin Ras • Marketing Manager: Jean-François pieri • With the participation of: Chaofeng Chen, Pia Dewenter, Anthony Faget, Raphaël Pinot, Daniella Plastinina, Masha Polshinskaya, Marjorie Sanch, Valérie Sok. 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