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Day 6 - IFA International

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CLEAN LIFESTYLE Bosch’s Household Cleaning Energy Revolution German appliance maker Bosch, has introduced a range of super-efficient cleaning product innovations at IFA 2012. They have initiated a discussion series at IFA titled "Bosch Home Forum", Bosch heralded the start of a sustainable energy revolution in private households. Harald Friedrich, CEO of Bosch Home Appliances, stressed the necessity of continuous product development: "The manufacture of energy-efficient home appliances is no short-term marketing trend, but rather a contribution to a better quality of life and a better future", he said. Bosch’s commitment to sustainability was illustrated by the release of its energysaving ActiveWater Eco² dishwasher at IFA. The appliance combines an extremely economical water management system (which enables the final rinse cycle to be used for the first rinse of the next load) with the award-winning, energy-saving Zeolite drying technology. With annual consumption figures of 194 kWh for electricity and 1,960 liters for water in the Eco- 50 standard program, the ActiveWater Eco² betters the highest class A+++ energy efficiency by 10 percent. Bosch cleaning products, including washing machines, aim to be both highly efficient and effective. At IFA 2012, Bosch released a “SuperEco” washing machine and dryer range that not only improve on A+++ energy efficiency ratings but also promise convincing results via new smart cleaning care technologies such as automatic stain removal. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 101 Siemens’ Vision for Intelligent Cleaning “Intelligent appliances to make home life even more enjoyable” was the focus of the Siemens presentation at IFA 2012, and the giant German appliance maker backed its claim with an innovative new range of smart home cleaning appliances. Producing vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and washing machines with sensors that gather information and implement the best cleaning strategies, Siemens have taken up the daily household challenge. Siemens’ integrated iDos precision dispensing system in its latest washing machine line, for instance, determines exactly how much detergent and fabric softener the laundry needs and dispenses them automatically. “At IFA 2012, we're demonstrating how smart appliances provide tangible added value for lifestyles, how appliances that ‘think along’ with their users can make complex technologies a natural and fun part of life,” explained Roland Hagenbucher, CEO of Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH. Among Siemens’ cleaning appliance launches at IFA was a new 6-litre dishwasher with enhanced time-shortening features. Combining superior water management and time management, Siemen’s SpeedMatic conserves resources and provides extra speed when needed. The varioSpeed Plus option shortens the program time by up to 66% if desired, while the turboSpeed 20 Minutes cleans everything in record time – the new hygienePlus option also promises maximum antibacterial dishwashing results. » HALL 1.1 / STAND 101 HOMEPROFESSIONAL WAY287W2 SUPERECO WASHING MACHINE The HomeProfessional WAY287W2 SuperEco washing machine, which according to the manufacturer boasts energy efficiency a whole 40% better than the class A+++, is complemented by numerous innovative details and features for customised laundry care. An automatic stain-removal function for the 16 most common types of dirt is combined with washing sensor technology creating optimal conditions under which typical tough stains – from grass and fat to red wine – can best be removed from clothes. 30 HomeProfessional WAY287W2 SuperEco washing machine Q 5.0 EXTREME SILENCEPOWER VACUUM CLEANER » HALL 3.1/ STAND 101 » HALL 1.1/ STAND 101 The latest addition to the extreme edition premium suction range from Siemens combines sleek design, stunning cleaning performance and very low operating noise via extreme silencePower technology. With the Q 5.0, Siemens has revolutionised noise levels via a new silentClean premium floor nozzle that offers increased efficiency with minimal noise. The vacuum drive is also virtually inaudible, as the motor design eliminates intrusive vibrations. The extremely effective multi-level sound insulation in the powerful 1200-watt compressor motor absorbs additional decibels.

Special Feature Miele Makes Its Mark The German manufacturer continues to innovate through technology An ongoing commitment to efficiency and the environment continues to drive the development of Miele’s cleaning technology, a fact borne out at this year’s IFA. The Westphalian family firm presented a dishwasher programme that places the use of solar-thermal energy centre stage. This programme runs without any additional heating by using water heated by the sun's rays. Energy savings compared with conventional technology amount to 90%. The company has now decided to push ahead with its SolarSave programme, which utilises solar-thermal energy. In 2010, more than 500 GWh of electricity were generated by solar-thermal systems and the figure continues to rise. Miele has announced the first seriesproduced solar-thermal tumble dryer in 2013. In the area of vacuum cleaners, Miele’s new S8 range exploits a number of technological improvements, offering better cleaning performance, greater user convenience and improved energy efficiency. In this range, there is no longer any need for the user to stoop or bend to adjust power settings. Suction is now either adjusted via convenient foot-operated switches or from the handle. The new flagship model was awarded the coveted 'red dot design award' even before it was launched. Looking to the future, developments in Miele’s cleaning technology include a concept washing machine operated from a smartphone. Programme selection, temperature settings, spin speeds and additional functions can all can be selected from the touch display, presented in a simple and concise manner as smartphone users would expect from a well-designed app. » HALL 2.1 / STAND 101 Solar energy is pivotal to Miele’s cleaning technology A Machine Designed for Real Life No dishwasher manual needed: just put it all in The Electrolux RealLife dishwasher is designed to simplify the business of dish washing, with FlexiLift moveable baskets and adaptive racks integrated into the design. The dishwasher’s XXL tub is also taller than the tubs of conventional dishwashers, making it better able to accommodate large plates, without being bigger on the outside. “Real life does not revolve around fixed numbers of identical place settings like you see in all the manuals,” said Daniel Arler, Senior Vicepresident Product Line Kitchen of Electrolux EMEA. To ensure efficient cleaning in the larger space, the RealLife dishwasher has a twin axis FlexiSpray arm. “We spent seven months just perfecting the water distribution so the dishes get clean no matter how you load the dishwasher,” Arler said. Electrolux has also launched its new Inspiration range at IFA, which goes across all CE categories and includes, dishwashers, washers and dryers. The clean lines of the new range are inspired by the simplicity of modern architecture. “Modern, architectural forms and authentic use of materials – glass, stainless steel and anodised aluminum – evoke a Scandinavian purity,” said Per Borjesson, Senior Design Manager for Electrolux. “This way of using materials conveys honesty about the appliances’ construction and adds credibility to the product. It also achieves a simple elegance that people connect to intuitively and emotionally.” » HALL 4.1 / STAND 101 The Electrolux RealLife dishwasher: “The dishes get clean no matter how you load the dishwasher” HAIER HW-F1481 WASHING MACHINE Haier, ranked the world No.1 in the washing machine category by Euromonitor (10.9% retail share in 2011), has introduced another quality clothes care appliance at IFA. The 8 kg machine features Haier’s signature large digital display, a Blue Door anti-mildew collar, stylish high-end design and large front end opening. The unique antibacterial detergent drawer and door seal is capable of eradicating more than 99.8% of E.coli and other bacterias – the treatment is applied during manufacturing and lasts the entire product lifecycle. The HW-F1481 also features an induction motor that extends the machine’s lifecycle, reduces noise and saves energy. » HALL 3.1/ STAND 103 IFA International • Wednesday 5 th September 2012 31

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