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Day 6 - IFA International

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Hall 3.1/103 Hall

Hall 3.1/103 Hall 3.2/134 Hall 21 / 104 Hall 21 / 104 Hall 21 / 104 Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors Official at IFA Daily News Source f or International Visitors Official at IFA Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA WEEK-END EDITION Saturday 1 st & Sunday 2 nd September 2012 DAY 4 Monday 3 rd September 2012 DAY 5 Tuesday 4 th September 2012 DAY 1 Friday 31 st August 2012 Hall 21/101 Hall 21/101 Hall 21/101 President and CEO, Sony Corporation Hall 3.1/103 Hall 3.2/134 06 > NEWS 06 > NEWS 06 > NEWS 06 > NEWS 17 > CONFERENCE & EVENTS PREVIEW 16 > VISIONARY INTERVIEWS 15 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 13 > CONFERENCE & EVENTS PREVIEW 18 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 19 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 19 > SPOTLIGHT ON JAPAN 14 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 23 > SPECIAL FEATURE 23 > HALL PLAN 23 > HALL PLAN 19 > SPECIAL FEATURE LIVING NOMADIC LIFESTYLE The ROOM industry LIFESTYLE has arrived 27 > SPECIAL FEATURE 27 > SPECIAL FEATURE 33 > SPOTLIGHT at a ON point TAÏWANin its roadmap INFORMATION LIFESTYLE KITCHEN & BATHROOM LIFESTYLE 33 > SPOTLIGHT The ON CHINA world’s top trade In a year of restructuring 38 > GREEN where PAGE we find a fantail of With Samsung yet again 35 > SPOTLIGHT ON KOREA 37 > GREEN PAGE 37 > GREEN PAGE professionals are back and turmoil for many of the extraordinary new paths. using IFA as the launch industry’s top manufacturing 41 > TRADE NEWS in force again this year 39 > TRADE NEWS 37 > GREEN PAGE In many product sectors, platform for a key mobile 39 > TRADE NEWS companies, the world’s eyes at IFA Berlin, and the 42 > THE DIARY 42 > THE DIARY OF MISS IFA convergence OF MISS IFA of CE, ICT and 39 > TRADE product NEWS (the Galaxy Note 42 > THE DIARY OF MISS IFA are turned towards IFA 2012 show’s organisers estimate 43 > WHERE IT TO has GO IN already BERLIN taken place. 42 > THE DIARY II), OF Panasonic MISS IFA launching 43 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN 43 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN to discover new policies and that orders with a value Now is when the visionaries a huge range of white 43 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN roadmaps. The heart of the exceeding 3.7 billion euros add their touch of alchemy goods for the first time show beats with the product will again be placed at the – melding devices, services on to the world market innovations that are set to event this year. and raw inspiration to (Kazunori Takami, President inspire consumers, drive Mark Steve Slater Ager, Group Greg Taylor Doo-Hwan Choi For bring dreams to life. of Panasonic Appliances Frank Bolten new growth and power the Commercial Director at Computing Area Director Company – pictured left), Team Manager, market in the year’s prime Dixons Category Retail Director, (pictured left), IFA has, - eReading the & past, been Intel Director partners Consumer launching New Products selling-time. is Dixons not only a time when Electronics at Hi-Mart (Korea) IFA Electronics the launching platform new Ultrabooks… the list Canada's Indigo Germany/Austria With the industry’s new his teams plan for Q4, but for countless Books & Music great ideas, computing, entertainment goes on… the world’s top Triade – Part of the leaders (such as Sony’s Kazuo also for the coming sales from as long ago as when and appliance technologies, vendors Tech Data this Group year more Hirai - pictured left) coming “Have a good year. plan of Ager what sees you’re IFA as a “Increasingly you have to “At IFA – the first for Choi – Hi-Mart “Clearly you Einstein won’t find me delivered looking his many brands are reinventing than ever are confirming is on the lookout for audio products, to grips with unique new going to be doing two-way every day, street, bring a where top give a customer a reason at the latest products from the big “Triade is our unit that’s ready to keynote … and this year themselves. One such case IFA as THE place for key particularly DJ mixing desks, as well good pair of shoes because you’ll be brands because that is not Indigo’s challenges, the “product billion dollars, an increase of CE and HA manufacturers to upgrade and renew bring the full spectrum of Tech Data doing a lot of walking…” area” is no exception. Through at hand is Logitech, whose product launches across all as accessories for smartphones.” services to consumer electronics” rethink” is more than ever 2 percent. IFA is the year’s See page 41 communicate about their their products”, says Ager, See page 41 See page 41 its keynotes, conferences, new president, Bracken P. See page 39 categories. an essential ingredient in leading event, with orders new ranges, but at the same reflecting comments by Dr roundtables and exhibition Darrell (see photo – left), As numbers of the world’s the battle for market share in 2011 totalling more than time, it is also a golden Rainer Hecker, Chairman of of groundbreaking new delivered a “visionary” top specialist and general ICT, IT and HA products that THOUGHT LEADERS and profits. Researchers 3.7 billion euros. opportunity to explain to the Supervisory Board of the thus expect the 2012 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS technologies, IFA 2012 again keynote at IFA on Saturday media and international may previously have been Read our report on the official IFA these same manufacturers gfu, at this week’s opening THOUGHT LEADERS THOUGHT LEADERS indelibly maps the trends. 1 st September, underlining trade visitors at the show launched elsewhere, now Raimund world market for consumer opening press conference, from what Didier works – and doesn’t press conference of IFA. With Minoru the coming together such major changes. Jim soar to new highs, coverage take centre e stage at IFA. Hosch electronics to grow by 1,100 page 6. work Juin on the shop floor. Read our exclusive interview with of Usui communications, From page 6 of events Wong at IFA is massive. Read our exclusive interview with CEO, Innovation Senior Vice-president, is now essential. Steve Ager from page 39 President & CEO, Corporate President, Thanks to convergence, Kazunori Takami page 15 Messe Berlin General Manager, Seiko Epson Acer Inc. Europe Business Center, Corporation TCL Multimedia Technology "ExpoCenter Airport Berlin In our special feature today, go of the ties and tethers Brandenburg, which is completely we indulge you in the and set your imagination "We are in a somewhat luxurious "We must strive to delight our customers "The new AcerCloud allows users to position in the Sit sense back that and we are relax. IFA sensing massage lounge This year IFA more become entertainment Cooking and coffee ready, is a fair and event venue that new “nomadic lifestyle”, free! — From page 19 and never forget to make them smile" access the same personal data from PCs, can be used in a wide range of ways." continuously International experiencing two-digit takes you chairs, you’ll get the inside See page 16 than ever spotlights devices, today’s feature tablets and smartphones." culture are See page increasingly 9 See page 43 with a close look at the growth." See page 34 on a tour of the living line — From page 23 “smart” products in all spotlights a selection becoming important marketplace room of the future. categories. As consumer of these products. parts Phil of our lives, and are E Hao and the Klaus newest devices You’ll never have electronics Wowereit Paul and home — From page 27 becoming Rogers more and more Chief Sales Officer conceived to felt so entertained, appliances Molyneux integrate amusing President and of just plain TCL Multimedia make our lives enthralled, Governing Mayor thrilled, communication fun, Heterogeneous thanks to the onset of Berlin easier, more or relaxed. It’s all up President computing & CEO, System Architecture and of improved “smarter” Sharp Europe (HSA) and Corporate pleasant, or just to you. From new technology, President and PCs, of Panasonic products Fellow, AMD on show at IFA plain fun, when Group Commercial Director, “Smart” OLED, 4K, in all their Appliances forms, Company 2012. In today’s issue, we "The keys to the future are open “Speed is a necessity in the global we’re out Dixons of Retail “It seems that 3D Berlin TVs is changing through Logitech President much standards to take drive a large close-up ecosystems, look at the market place and vertical integration the home. Let more than any other big coolest city in Europe.” home “We position ourselves Miss IFA as presents an inventor the SAMSUNG improving the key user players experience and to products… make is an important criterion for improving See page 43 for society” sound gear to stress Serie 913 Notebook it more natural and immersive." speed and efficiency” from page 27. See page 18 See page 22 See page 17 Hall 3.1/103 Hall 3.2/134 Hall 3.1/103 Hall 3.2/134 Hall 21 / 104 Hall 21/101 Thanks to Our Readers IFA International gives special thanks to its readers for their exceptional support I FA international international international international CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS New Challenges, IFA New 2012: Faces! Innovation The Industry Central Regenerates IFA: Global at IFA Product Launch Pad The pendulums are being Top trade reset pros – and vendors increasingly 2012 edition depend mirrors on trends in a post-convergence 2012 confirms world transformation of the product IFA 2012 sets the pace! IFA for business deals and high level exchanges introduction landscape “Now is when Kazuo "Kaz" Hirai “(...) the 2012 world market for consumer electronics to grow by 1,100 billion dollars, an increase of 2 percent.” Nomadic Lifestyle! Steve Ager I FA “Increasingly you have to give a customer a reason to upgrade and renew their products” Living Room Lifestyle! Bracken P. Darrell I FA the visionaries add their touch of alchemy (...)” Information Lifestyle! Kazunori Takami Hall I FA “Thanks to convergence, ICT, IT and HA products that may previously have been launched elsewhere, now, take centre stage at IFA” Kitchen Lifestyle CONTENTS The entire team of IFA International is mobilised throughout the year, and of course at IFA, to ensure its readers are provided with information that facilitates their decision-making process. The following tributes are thus for us an exceptional form of encouragement – and we thank you for this. We are of course very keen to obtain any feedback that may help us improve this publication and to position it definitively as the unavoidable source for top industry professionals in all fields. RETAILERS Dixons Retail Steve Ager, Group Commercial Director “I think it’s really good. The first thing we always do when we get to the show is to pick it up and read it. One forms one’s own views about things, but it’s also useful to see what is reported while you are here. And we always bring them back with us. Because one of the things we always do is to have a general debrief for the business, and we use a lot of [IFA International] in the general debrief – what we’ve seen, what we’ve liked, what do we think is going to be successful, etc. ” INDUSTRY Pocket Media Rory Wiggin, Head Buyer, UK “What I like about IFA International is that it tends to feature products that other magazines do not, which is useful for me as a buyer.” Miele Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, managing director and co-proprietor “It’s an interesting paper, especially for people who have just arrived at the event, and who want a comprehensive overview of what’s happening, and which stands or product areas they should visit. And of course I have it on my desk every day.” Yifang Digital (Shenzhen, China) Kenny Hua, sales director ”Through IFA International, the official daily, we are able to present our up-to-date consumer electronics and achievements to trade visitors with clear and solid information. And buyers are also able to find what they need within the shortest time under the guidance of IFA International, which will help exhibiting companies gain wide attention and bring more opportunities for co-operation as well.” Media Markt - Saturn Stefan De Prycker, Country Managing Director, Belgium “I always take it with me. I keep it in the hotel and even afterwards in the plane going home. It gives a good overview. I must say that in the beginning what I do is to always have quick a look at the plan... who’s doing what, what are the innovations, who is advertising, and what their message is. So it influences me in a way because I will redirect my journey through the IFA depending on some highlights that are in the magazine.“ Hi-Mart Doo-Hwan Choi, Team Manager, New Products, Hi-Mart Korea “I read IFA International to find out about new products at IFA. We send it back to our colleagues in Korea. And this is my first IFA and the map and practical pages in the magazine helped me to get to my meetings on time.“ Euronics Frank Schipper, Managing Director, Euronics XXL Lüdinghausen, Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors, Euronics Germany ”IFA International is very informative, and especially important for the international trade. The fact that IFA is perceived as a leading international show is very important, and IFA International contributes to that. I regularly read it.” LG Havis Kwon, President and CEO, Home Entertainment Compagny “IFA International has a discerning readership, and this is a great chance for LG to reach out to the media and to potential customers. At the IFA trade show itself, we gain a lot of insight into the latest trends in the consumer electronics industry. IFA International then deals with these trends in greater depth and generates interesting ideas for us to consider as an electronics manufacturer.” Grundig Horst Nikolaus, Managing Director Sales “We consider IFA International an essential information source to keep visitors, traders and the press up to date. It is an efficient way to reach our international target groups and we are looking forward to the daily news when IFA starts at the end of August.” 40

Green Page Green Missions & Strategy Why companies need to adopt, and stick to, recognised and credible Green protocols SHARP DEMONSTRATES ULTRA LOW POWER HIGH RESOLUTION DISPLAYS AT IFA This summer, Sharp announced the development of new oxide semiconductor technology, known as IGZO, developed jointly with the Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, and for the first time in Europe, industry professionals can see prototypes at the Sharp stand at IFA. IGZO technology will enable even higher resolutions, lower power consumption, and higher performance touch screens, as well as narrower bezel widths for LCD display panels used in mobile devices such as smartphones. This jointly developed new IGZO technology imparts crystallinity in an oxide semiconductor composed of indium (In), gallium (Ga) and zinc (Zn). With the aim of early commercialization LCD displays using this new technology, the two organisations will also be pursuing R&D to expand its use in non-display devices and to develop applications other than displays in the future. Although challenges to commercialization remain in terms of both service life and production, the two companies will continue to push ahead with R&D in anticipation of future market needs. A number of prototypes are on show at the Sharp stand. » HALL 18 / STAND 102 Philips Director of Sustainability, Nestor Coronado Palma, tells IFA International what is important for Philips in terms of moving forward with sustainability and Green policies … Every company has its own Green missions and strategy, and one of the most important things at Philips is the EcoVision programme, which was started in 1995. Over time it has grown from covering just a few items to the point where we are now aiming for 50 per cent of total product sales being Green. “You don’t need to compromise on picture quality or performance when buying a sustainable product. ” The focus is also shifting from the environment to direct social impact, especially in developing countries, by providing them with light and devices that will improve their education, how they cook and also help with hygiene factors. It could also include providing equipment to NGOs to prevent and diagnose diseases in their early stages. Do you think that some companies exaggerate their Green credentials? The best way to validate your efforts is to follow a protocol, because they are recognised by a lot of different organisations. In our case we have chosen the Carbon Disclosure Project, which looks at the whole value chain, and goes beyond company operations to look at how much you are influencing the footprint of others. So it covers areas such as the delivery of products and how they are packaged. You won the last three Green Awards from EISA. How important was that in your marketing campaigns? It helped us in various ways, by allowing us to position ourselves as being ahead of the competition in energy efficiency, but also it demonstrated to our customers that you don’t need to compromise on picture quality or performance when buying a sustainable product. We were using recycled materials, and sometimes that is taken to mean that the product won’t have a great look and feel. But we were also able to demonstrate that a highquality finish is possible. And internally it motivated us to push harder to make all our products as energy efficient as our TVs, and that’s why 90% of our products are now recognised by the EU’s eco-label for efficiency and environmental impact. Hall 22 Stand 101 Nestor Coronado Palma Philips Director of Sustainability TP VISION WINS EISA EUROPEAN GREEN TV AWARDS 2012-13 FOR ITS PHILIPS 55PFL6007 While today’s TVs are being offered with ever-bigger screens, this doesn’t have to mean a bigger cost to the environment. With the 55PFL6007, Philips has created a set with increased functionality over its previous models while maintaining its standing as a brand with environmentally efficient products. Not only does the 55PFL6007 outperform its rivals when it comes to energy efficiency but it also boasts the efficient use of precious metals in its printed circuit boards. As such, a Philips TV set wins the EISA Green Award for the third year in succession. IFA International • Wednesday 5 th September 2012 41

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