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IFA International 2016 Preview Edition

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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE Trends in Home Appliances at IFA 2016 Connected and smart – home appliances are more “clever” than ever! Trends this year at IFA in home appliances include primarily smart functions and connectivity, comfortable and easy handling, the preparation of healthy foods and sustainability, efficient use of resources, energy efficiency and time saving. The market for major and small domestic appliances has been performing well for many years thanks to its versatility and performance. Large and small home appliances alike make housework easier and more comfortable, while saving energy, water, and time. They enhance our wellbeing, enrich our lives – make the way we live healthier and much more convenient. The experience of preparing and then enjoying food we have made, possibly with friends or family, is a popular pastime that improves our quality of life. Major and small domestic appliances can no longer really be classified as ‘white goods’. Excellent design, high-quality materials and fresh colours have been established elements in this sector for some time. Then there are the innovative and wide-ranging functions and comfortable, easyto-use interfaces – with some appliances even offering gesture control. Networking technology has also led to an increase in the number of smart home appliances. Mobile end devices and apps make it possible to monitor and control connected electrical appliances. Users can check the current program status, notifications, or care, maintenance, and service information. Integrated cameras allow users to remotely look inside their oven or fridge. Thus, we are seeing an influx of new applications, functions, and digital services that offer us more enjoyable and enriching experiences while also saving us time and resources, as well as many tips, such as advice on how to save energy. More and more connected devices are now also capable of exchanging information with each other. This makes it possible, for example, to control multiple devices via a single service interface. MAJOR DOMESTIC APPLIANCES: SMART AND EFFICIENT Nowadays there are a variety of features available to help consumers achieve MAJOR AND SMALL DOMESTIC APPLIANCES CAN NO LONGER REALLY BE CLASSIFIED AS ‘WHITE GOODS’. © Messe Berlin GmbH WL75 Bluetooth light alarm clock by Beurer ONRK 193 CO by Gorenje 30

TRENDS IN HOME APPLIANCES the best-possible laundry results with minimal energy and water consumption, such as special mixing systems for detergent and fabric softener, intelligent dosing systems for powder or liquid detergent, sensors that adjust the program according to the type of materials, the size of the load, and the detergent used, optimized drum movements, innovative wash drum design, and steaming functions. At the same time, there is a strong focus on reducing the operating noise. Clothing can also be steamed to refresh and smooth clothes without putting them through a full wash. Then there are special programs for special, very delicate or heavily soiled laundry, spot treatments, and specific programs for people with allergies, baby clothing, removing animal hair, and low washing temperatures (15 to 20 degrees Celsius/60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit). Thought has even been given to that piece of laundry that always gets forgotten and people with particularly large laundry requirements: An additional flap in the washing machine door allows the user to add items to an ongoing wash cycle, and washing machines with two drums or an extra-large capacity of up to 13 kg allow for even bigger loads. Door seals and detergent drawers are antibacterial and ensure high levels of hygiene, while also adding active oxygen. Modern tumble dryers are characterized by outstanding energy efficiency. Automatic selfcleaning condensers also help to reduce energy consumption. Stability, quiet operation, and capacity have also been improved. Refreshing and airing clothes with steam and fragrance are useful additional functions. The new dishwashers offer a variety of improvements and new functions. They work faster and more efficiently, saving up to 60 percent on time compared to the previous generation. Other key points here are the increased spray pressure, additional spray arm, water wall, water vapour, programs for halfloads or delicate glasses, hygiene programs, selfcleaning functions, and flexible interior layout. Optimized drying systems, reduced operating noise, and easy-to-open doors round off the range of features. AEG’S MASTERY RANGE WITH PREMIUM PROMISE KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Simplicity and time saving – Vacuum and mop in one go! 2 Possibility to cover large surface - Surfaces up to 60 m² can be cleaned with one tank filling and the floor is dry and ready to walk on again in less than two minutes 3 Adaptability - For the FC 5, Kärcher offers the matching detergents for sealed or waxed wooden floors, stone floors or a universal cleaner With the launch of two innovative product lines in the kitchen and laundry care ranges, AEG will present its new premium look at IFA 2016. Part of AEG’s Mastery Range line of smart built-in appliances to be featured at IFA, the AEG ComboHob is a hob and hood in one that saves space and gives the kitchen a clean, contemporary look. Meanwhile, the AEG Comfort Lift dishwasher saves backbreaking bending through an innovative dish rack that easily slides upwards for easy and effortless loading and unloading. Meanwhile, AEG has released a new washing machine series, featuring powerful performance and innovative clothing care technology. The 6000 series includes ProSense technology which automatically adjusts the wash cycle to the load, thus protecting colours and textile fibres. The 7000 series features ProSteam technology that issues gentle steam to remove odours and wrinkles from dry textiles; while the 9000 Series includes Soft Water technology that softens water before washing so to make the detergent more effective, to reduce fibre abrasion and protect colours. » HALL 9 / STAND 122 © Messe Berlin GmbH COMBINING VACUUM CLEANER & MOP Until now, vacuum cleaners, wiping mops and buckets have been the most widely used aids for cleaning tiles and parquet flooring. With the FC 5 hard floor cleaner, Kärcher is bringing an entirely new device onto the market. It combines vacuuming and wiping in a single step. The FC 5 works with two replaceable microfibre rollers, which are continuously moistened with a detergent solution from a 400-ml tank. The rotating rollers remove dried-on dirt from the floor together with dust, particles or small quantities of liquid. The dirt is then suctioned from the top of the roller. This means that the microfibres are continuously cleaned and new dirt can be picked up. This allows the device to achieve a better cleaning performance with lower water consumption compared to conventional devices like the wiping mop, since the rollers stay clean and fresh water is all that is required for cleaning. Available from retailers from October 2016. » HALL 4.1 / STAND 213 IFA International • Monday 29 th August 2016 31

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