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IFA International 2019 Review Edition

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SEEN @ IFA / NOMADIC LIFESTYLE IFA IFA Home & Entertainment Electronics TAKING MOBILITY TO THE MAX KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / Elegant and stylish design 2 / Qi Wireless Charging 3 / Capacity: 10000 mAh A brand new portable JP10 leather power bank – a joint effort by Philips TV & Audio and Georg Jensen, adds a touch of class when it comes to recharging one’s phone wirelessly. The unit offers wireless on-the-go Qi charging, with modern and elegant dark brown Muirhead leather covering and minimalistic, polished steel design. Set to be launched early next year, the power bank has been crafted using real materials, ensuring a robust and stylish finish to harbour a timeless appeal and enhanced enjoyment - whether one is travelling by road, rail, air or sea. NEXT GEN CAT TRACKER Tractive launched its next generation tracker for cats at this year’s IFA. The IKATI design incorporates findings from the field as well as direct feedback from customers and opens up further alternatives to cat owners. Unlike its predecessor, which featured a built-in breakaway collar, the new IKATI GPS tracker comes with an adaptable clip and mounting system, offering more attachment versatility. Cat owners can simply use their existing collar, as the new tracker securely fits any cat collar size and width. Dependent on usage and network coverage, its battery lasts for 2-5 days, and the casing is waterproof. The IKATI tracker is compatible with the Tractive GPS app, which lets owners keep tabs on their cats from anywhere around the world. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / Fits onto existing collars 2 / Offers pet owners peace of mind 3 / Live location updates every 2-3 seconds TARGUS UNVEILS ECOSMART RANGE KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / Extra protection 2 / Durable no-stretch casing 3 / Security for cards and ID CARD SECURITY ON THE MOVE LootLock is a super-slim stickon wallet that gives users a secure way to hold up to three cards or cash. It is designed for the frequent traveller or minimalist looking for a slim and secure way to carry their loot. LootLock has a durable, no-stretch casing that was built for security. One can easily lock 1-3 cards or cash in place. Even if LootLock is dropped on the ground, the cash and cards will stay put. For total security, LootLock’s storage casing can be flipped over & snapped into place to completely conceal cards, cash or ID. Targus launched a new eco-sustainable range at this year’s IFA. The manufacturer says the EcoSmart range is “perfect for those seeking an earth-sensitive choice”. The range is mostly made of recycled polyurethane and in line with the Global Recycling Standard, which the company says further showcases Targus’ dedication to the eco-sustainability journey. It consists of eco-friendly laptop backpacks made from recycled plastics including water bottles, nickel-free hardware and recyclable zips. With the face of retail constantly evolving, Targus says innovation is key to remaining competitive. At IFA, the company is showcasing an augmented reality experience, giving visitors the opportunity to explore different backpacks - to find the perfect fit for any working lifestyle. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / Eco-friendly laptop backpacks 2 / Recycling-friendly 3 / Trusted Targus quality 28

SEEN @ IFA / NOMADIC LIFESTYLE IFA IFA Home & Entertainment Electronics KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / Includes storage case 2 / Remote control for taking photos 3 / Limited distortion and light falloff DJI ADDS DETECTORS FOR SAFER SKIES DJI, a world leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, is installing airplane and helicopter detectors in its new consumer drones, part of a 10-point plan to ensure the world’s skies remain safe. All new DJI drone models released after January 1, 2020 that weigh more than 250 grammes will include AirSense technology, which receives ADS-B signals from nearby aircraft and warns drone pilots if they appear to be on a collision course. This will be the largest single deployment of ADS-B collision awareness technology to date, and puts professional-grade aviation safety technology in drones available to everyone. “DJI leads the drone industry in developing safety technology and education, and we continue that today by setting higher expectations for ourselves, our competitors and regulators,” says Brendan Schulman, DJI Vice- President for Policy & Legal Affairs. “DJI was the first to offer geofencing, automatic altitude limits, return-tohome technology and other safety features to drone pilots. We believe our efforts have helped drones attain their enviable safety record.” The AirSense commitment is the first of 10 points in “elevating safety”, a new plan for how DJI, other drone manufacturers and government officials around the world can maintain drones’ safety record. “There has never been a confirmed collision between a drone and an airplane, but drones have struck low-flying helicopters at least twice,” says Schulman. “This led us to focus on AirSense as the next opportunity to make drones safer.” Other aviation organisations agree that installing AirSense in mainstream consumer drones is an important step for protecting airplanes and helicopters and the people who fly in them. TRANSFORM YOUR SMARTPHONE INTO A PROFESSIONAL CAMERA Sirui, the Chinese photography products and accessories company, unveiled two new mobile lenses at IFA: the TL-400mm Long Focus Lens Kit and the VD-01 Anamorphic Lens. Both mobile lenses feature Schott optical glass, a multilayer antireflection coating and the promise of limited distortion and light falloff, combined with “high levels of light transmission” and “precise color rendition”. SHIFT RED FLIES SINGLE-HANDED South Korean firm TIE (This Is Engineering Inc) came to IFA 2019 with Shift Red, an innovative one-thumb controlled drone and its supporting system. Built into Shift Red are user-driven computer vision and sensor fusion technologies, which make it compact and intelligent. The onehand controlling system has been implemented by the TIE’s unique technology, NFMS, which enables intuitive and precise flight. It also contributes to superior stability, which is useful for shooting video without tell-tale camera shake. TIE is targeting the small drone at people who have so far hesitated to buy because of a perception that drones are too expensive or difficult to control. The TL-400mm lens features aircraft-grade aluminum housing and attaches to a smartphone using a “cage” included with the kit. Sirui also includes a storage case, Bluetooth remote control for taking photos and a miniature table-top tripod with a ball-head mount. The TL-400mm Long Focus Lens Kit is available through Sirui’s online store for €135, and the anamorphic lens for €90. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 / One-thumb control 2 / Tech that supports precision and stability 3 / Competitive price point IFA International • Monday 23 September 2019 29

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