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Review Edition - IFA International

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HOME APPLIANCES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT CANDY WATCHING, TOUCHING, COOKING OVEN Candy unveiled the Watching, Touching, Cooking (WTC) oven at IFA, which features a full-touch door display, allowing it to be operated directly from the touch screen door or remotely from a smartphone or tablet. The oven door is equipped with the Door Total Control System, a full 19-inch touch screen with user-friendly interface that allows you to control, command and supervise every stage of the cooking process. The integrated camera, combined with patented U-see illumination, made up of lateral LED lights, provides an KEY SELLING POINTS 1 19-inch touchscreen with user-friendly interface 2 Patented U-see illumination 3 Pre-loaded video recipes optimal view of the interior of the cavity. Thanks to the integration of the simply-Fi Candy connectivity technology, users can also manage and monitor their cooking remotely. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Design Better colour co-ordinated spout unit 2 Functionality Coffee Pot multi-cup preparation 3 Holistic Strategy Model linked to coffee brand launch MIELE CM6 SERIES COFFEE MACHINE Miele has upgraded its CM6 series coffee machine. Key features include the new coffee pot function, allowing three to eight cups to be prepared one after the other at the touch of a button. Design-wise, the new CM6 models look a touch more harmonious than their predecessors as the recess behind the spout unit is now better colour-coordinated to match the colour of the casing. Miele has also extended its range with the addition of the CM6350 Black Edition promotional model in a matt jet black. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Power The Ultimate Juicer has a sturdy 800W motor 2 Versatility Juice collector doubles up as a blender jug 3 Capacity 75mm feed in tube for whole fruit juicing THE ULTIMATE JUICE MACHINE Russell Hobbs says its three-in-one Ultimate Juicer is the perfect way to make 100% natural smoothies with homemade juice. The company points out that the juicer can make smoothies and juices quickly and easily, without having to use a number of different appliances. The Ultimate Juicer has a combination of attachments which have been designed with versatility in mind, meaning the juice collector also acts as a blending jug and handy flask with 700ml capacity so you can create nutritious smoothies on-the-go. DYSON SUPERSONIC HAIR DRYER The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer uses a fast but focused airflow, is engineered for balance in the hand and intelligently controls the temperature to help protect hair from extreme heat damage. The Dyson Supersonic is powered by the patented Dyson digital motor V9, created in-house by a team of over 15 motor engineers specifically for this machine. It is Dyson’s smallest, lightest, most advanced digital motor. Dyson said it’s up to eight times faster than other hair dryer motors and half the weight. The Dyson digital motor is small enough to be positioned in the handle rather than the head; because of this the machine is engineered for balance. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Half the weight of traditional hair dryers 2 Dyson motor is eight times faster than other hair dryer models 3 Intelligent heat control helps to ensure hair isn’t exposed to excessive temperatures 32

© Thomas Keller HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WHERE TO GO IN Berlin CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE Berlin… Because We Love Her! The German capital in 6 sentences Gérard Lefebvre (right) President & Founder, Cleverdis Publisher, IFA International Jean-François Pieri (left) Executive Director, Cleverdis Managing Director, IFA International Once more, we thank all those personalities who agreed to participate in this highlight of Berlin and who gave us some of their precious time to help IFA visitors enjoy not only the show but also the marvellous city of Berlin. In this review edition, we are happy to share with you again some of their valuable thoughts and tips in this compilation of our “Where To Go in Berlin 2016” that should encourage you to come back soon to the beautiful German capital! BERLIN – A MAGICAL METROPOLIS “…we have recorded more than thirty million overnight stays in the last year”. Michael Müller – Mayor of Berlin A GREAT TIME TO VISIT BERLIN ”Our app “Going Local Berlin” presents more than 700 insider tips about Berlin’s many charming neighbourhoods off the beaten path”. Burkhard Kieker – CEO of Visit Berlin A CITY LIKE NO OTHER “Compared to other cities in Germany, and perhaps internationally, Berlin is a major world city that also offers a great life and work balance” Joachim E. Thomas – CEO, Spy Museum Berlin AND NHOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT… “My hidden gem, which can be seen from the nhow hotel, is the SpreePark, an amusement park from the GDR epoch, abandoned in the 90’s” Dirk Dreyer – General Manager nhow hotel, Berlin THE PERFECT HOST “Berlin welcomes its guests with open arms and creates an atmosphere where anyone feels immediately comfortable” Robert Petrovic – General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton BERLIN AFTER DARK “In the 1920s, Weimar-era Berlin was called the Babylon on the Spree…but today the upcoming districts of Mitte, Kreuzberg and Neukölln are where you’ll find streets buzzing long into the wee hours” Stuart Braun – Writer and Journalist You can find the complete range of all our editions of IFA International 2016 on • Previous Edition • • Day 1 Edition • • Weekend Edition • • Day 4 Edition • • Day 5 Edition • • Day 6 Edition • CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE To read each interview in its entirety, click here IFA International • Friday 16 th September 2016 33

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