Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts



1. Health is Wealth

In the year 2006 corner stones have been with the progress of our project “Health is

Wealth” after “Health is Wealth – Strategic Visions for European Healthcare at the

Beginning of the 21st Century” it has been evident that medicine has no modern paradigm.

We established a new interdisciplinary paradigm on March 3rd in Salzburg interdisciplinary.

The new paradigm was published by Springer in 2006. This is the basis

for further Healthcare delivery and for education in Healthcare.

“Health is Wealth” was presented to Parliamentarians of the European Parliament on

May 20th in Brussels. On May 21st we presented “Health is Wealth” to the European

Policy Center.

In October a visit by the Director General of the Council of the European Union

stimulated us into seeing the European Healthcare as a Healthcare Market and

building up a structured Healthcare Market as an upcoming leading market. This

might be an indispensable prerequisite to overcome all national borders and to see

the patient in his new mobility.

2. On January 20th there was a meeting on new cardiac surgery in the European region

in Salzburg chaired by F. Unger.

3. On January 20th there was also a joint meeting between the Class Medicine and the

Class Social Sciences organized by Prof. Meßmer and Prof. Straus in Munich entitled

“Perspektiven und Risken der Stammzellentherapie”. The report will be found in the

section “Reports”.

4. 24th International Cardiovascular Surgical Symposium March 4th – 11th, 2007,


5. “Chiemgauer Kardiologietage”, a meeting between cardiologists and cardiac

surgeons on September 23rd 2006, chaired by W. Moshage.

6. „7. Mannheimer Ethik-Symposium“ on September 23rd in Mannheim, organized by H. Kick.


Annual Report 2006 IEPG

In its activities of teaching, research and consultation, the Institut für medizinische Ethik,

Grundlagen und Methoden der Psychotherapie und Gesundheitskultur (IEPG) is dedicated

to promoting and developing modern ethical principles in the fields of psychotherapy,

psychiatry, psychohygiene, life counselling, education, spiritual welfare and health.

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