Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts



The last report on the activities of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts has been

very well perceived by our members and interested people. So we will continue this format.

This booklet on activities 2006 should reflect our ongoing work and also stimulate our

members to present their scientific input by speeches, statements, discourses and papers

which have not been printed. Declarations or summaries of meetings, congresses or conferences

are highly appreciated. We take all papers in English, German, French or Latin.

It gives us a great pleasure to present the Annual Report 2006. A year of fruitful work where

many projects have been convened, established and realized as well as newly designed.

The Classes and the Delegations are contributing by many activities which are finally enriching

the work of the whole Academy and fulfilling the mission of the Academy. The work,

the spirit of the Academy is well taken and especially in Brussels highly appreciated as a

real Academy representing Europe and contributing to the whole European environment.

We have to congratulate all helping hands and all supporters. With them we can reach and

fulfil our mission. The Austrian Chancery, especially Ministerialrat Dr. Helga Luczensky

deserves a special thank.


In the light of the European tradition, the mission of the European Academy of

Sciences and Arts is to contribute to the future of Europe and its unity by promoting

knowledge, cooperation and tolerance.

Felix Unger Maria Eder

President Secretary General


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