Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts


The Institute, represented as its chairman, provides advice to the members of this project

and to the governmental institutions involved. For more in formation please visit:


Project objectives include but are not restricted to:

• development of viable partnerships at European level that would further facilitate the

research cooperation and knowledge transfer in the field of sustainable development,

with particular interest for sustainable water management

• correlation of the Romanian research for excellence activities with the European programs

for integrated water resources management, in the fields of policies, research,

knowledge transfer and dissemination development of the capacities of Romanian

researchers to participate as coordinators of work packages or programs in European

programs such as FP7 or any other EC/international programs.

For more in formation please contact Prof. Carmen Teodosiu, "Gh. Asachi" Technical University

of Iasi, Romania ( Socio-ecological Water Management at ISOE

Project in statu nascendi

The Institute in cooperation with the Brussels Chapter of the Club of Rome is planning to

organize a workshop on “Gaja Engineering”. The expression “Gaja Engineering” stands for

planned and controlled intervention to shape on the large scale the earth system, the lithosphere,

the atmosphere, the biosphere and the interactions between them.

In the process of globalisation, a wide variety of large scale interventions into the earth

system are already in progress. For example, engineers react on the impacts of global warming

on our climatic by forced modification of weather conditions. Artificial rainfall may

solve problems of municipal, industrial and agricultural water supply, and it would prevent

outbreak of forest fire and the subsequent loss of value. But who decides when to apply

such an innovative technology, and what will the political, economic, social and ecological

side effects be. Who will take responsibility, and how may risks be managed?

During the workshop such interventions will serve as cases in the discussion about potential

management and control means. Whoever is interested in participating in the workshop

is welcomed to sign up.

Banz II projects cancelled

Unfortunately, the workshop on “Sustainable Development: The importance of education

and training for promoting sustainable development” had to be cancelled because of the

lack of response to the status papers prepared by some of the participants.



The Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WSSTP) is one of the technology

platforms that are set up within the European Environmental Technology Action Plan

(ETAP) that was adopted by the European Commission in 2004. It is a European initiative,


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