Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts


open to all stakeholders involved in European water supply and sanitation and major enduser

groups. The participants in the platform have produce together a Vision Document, a

Strategic Research Agenda and an Implementation Plan for the short (2010), medium

(2020) and long term (2030).

The Vision Document: "Water Safe, Strong and Sustainable", was conceived and drafted

by five working groups, consisting of water sector experts and representatives of water

sector stakeholders. The vision paints a picture of what could be achieved by 2030 if

resources for research and development resources would be made available and targeted

to respond onto the issues and challenges that the European water sector is facing.

The Strategic Research Agenda; ‘Water Research- A necessary investment in our common

future", describes the research which must be undertaken to realise the vision. The SRA

is based on an integrated and participatory approach for water resources management.

The solutions are integrated across individual sectors and disciplines and involve the civil

society. The strengths of all stakeholders in the sector will be combined to enable the

European water sector to offer innovative and sustainable technologies to the world.

The Implementation Plan describes the initial ideas for demonstration pilots and implementation

cases and mechanisms for financial engineering of grants and debts. The

Implementation Plan will use a systems approach, which encompasses water supply, sanitation,

water use in agriculture and industry and river basin management to develop solutions

for the global water market. The IP describes the strategy chosen for the execution

of the SRA through six pilot themes of generic research, enabling technologies development

and implementation cases. The financial engineering is addressed and will be further

detailed and adapted to each implementation case in the Strategic Deployment


The Institute contributed in various ways to the success of the Platform. Members of the

Institute attended sessions of the thematic working groups and the horizontal working

group, and the chairman of the Institute is a regular member of the Board and the

Secretariat of the Platform. For more in formation please visit:


The European Water Partnership is an action-oriented open forum for all stakeholders

including governmental agencies (local, national and European), knowledge institutes, private

companies, non-governmental organisations, the public and private financial sector,

end-users and civil society groups to exchange views, to find solutions for the water challenges

in wider Europe and to stimulate partnerships.

The Institute belongs to the founding members of EWP. The chairman is a member of the

Board of Advice. For more in formation please visit:


The Council of Distinguished Water Professionals (CDWP) has been established by the

Board of the International Water Association (IWA) in September 2004 to harness and syn-


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