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130218_Luxor-Egypt SECAP Final

mobility solution --

mobility solution -- “Sustainable, Clean and Green Urban Mobility Master Plan – SCGUMMP.’’ This SCGUMMP should integrate new sustainability approaches and technologies to a green and resilient city. General Objectives of the project The “Urban Sustainable Mobility Master Plan” will be Luxor’ strategic roadmap to improve mobility, while reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions from the highest emitting sector. The aim of this master plan is to switch to green transport and mobility, including tourists’ transports that currently use fossil fuel. This plan will lower GHG emitting from transport sector, reduce air and water pollution near the banks of the Nile river, preserve antiquities and heritage sites nearby and protect the Nile, as well as improve the quality of life in the City of Luxor. This action supports the Governorate to attain the SDS 2030 and contribute in achieving SDG 7: Ensure Access to Affordable Reliable, Sustainable and Modern Energy for All, and SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, particularly in Egypt SDS 2030 Strategic objectives under energy and environment sectors. Status of the Action: • New • Planned • Following previous action. National Strategy, Policies, Laws and Programmes General: Vision and Strategy - Egypt’s Vision 2030, - Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy – SDS 2030, - Egypt’s Green Economy Strategy – GES 2030, and - Green City Strategy 2030 ‘’Luxor the Heritage City of the World’’ – Luxor Governorate (2014). Specific Strategy and Policy 124

Strategy - Transport Strategy and Action Plan, - Freight Transport (MFT) strategy MoTr and JICA, - Sustainability - Tourism, Energy Use and Conservation (2014), - National Strategy for Integrated Coastal Management – NSICM, MoEnv, - EU-Egypt Action Plan for Egypt’s National Development Plan (2002 – 2007), - Tourism, Energy Use and Conservation – TEUC (2014), - National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction – NSACCDRR (2011), and - EU-Egypt Action Plan for Egypt’s National Development Plan (2002 – 2007). Policies - National Sustainable Transport Policy, - Transport Policy and Planning, and - National Air Quality Policy – NAQP, UNEP (2015). Climate Change Policies - Environmental Air Quality Policy – UNDP (2015), - Third National Communication on Climate Change – EEAA and UNDP (2014), - Second National Communication on Climate Change – EEAA and UNDP (2010), and - Initial National Communication on Climate Change – MoEnv and EEAA (1999). Legislations, Laws and Decrees Laws - New Investment Laws (2017), - Climate Change Legislations (2015), - Clean Development Mechanism – CDM (2010), - Integrated Coastal Zone Management – ICZM (1994), - Environmental Protection (1994, 2015), and - Public Partnership with Private sectors – PPP (2010). Decrees - Baselines of the Maritime Areas (1990), - Public Authority for Rivers’ Transportation (1979), - Regulating Private Sector’s Participation in Infrastructure Projects – Services and Public Utilities (2010), - Baselines of the Maritime Areas (1990), and - Public Authority for Rivers’ Transportation (1979). Plans and Programmes Programmes - Green Cities and Sustainable Development (2015), - National Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Portfolio (2009), - Protection of Natural Environmental Resources and Nature Conservation – PNERNC, EEAA, - Environmental Awareness – Training and Capacity Building, - Clean Production Mechanism CPM (2010), 125

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