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Day 1 - IFA International

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SPOTLIGHT ON KOREA Region BK WORLD CLEARS THE AIR WHY A SLOW SQUEEZE IS GOOD FOR YOU Hurom has long held an enviable position in the food-processing and juicer market — a status it has achieved by doing things differently. Where other products have concentrated on speed, Hurom decided that slow rotation would be its hallmark and consequently its niche in a big market. Hurom has invented a revolutionary slow-squeeze technology, which operates at a lower speed but offers significantly higher benefits in terms of health and nutrition. The other advantage of slow squeezing is the colour of the fruit remains intact. At IFA, Hurom is unveiling its latest juicer HH model. Sturdy, easily cleaned and constructed only of eco-friendly materials, the HH is designed for a variety of tasks, from creating juices and smoothies to preparing light meals and chemical-free baby food. The HH’s inventor, Hurom CEO YoungGi Kim, said: “Our philosophy is centred on bringing health and convenience to people. We develop technology that offers long-term benefits, rather than focusing on immediate gain. We are recognised throughout the world for our commitment to innovation.” » HALL 8.1 / STAND 111 Moneual Rydis MR6550 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner KEY USPs Sophisticated design Eco-friendly Ultra motor for suction KEY USPs "Slow Squeeze" Eco-friendly Multi-use Established in October 1974, BK World provides a wide range of home appliances including humidifiers, electric fans, electric kettles, blenders, air purifiers and IT accessories. The Korean business supplies products to market under its own brand, but also functions as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). BK World’s Air Washer, with fragrance dispenser, has an output of 480ml/h and a six-litre water tank with four output levels. In night mode the LED lights are dimmed. Addititional features include an integrated humidistat, automatic shut-off and a selfcleaning mode. The Humidifier gives a 450ml/h performance with warm and cold mist and features a touch-pad control with full-function remote controller. The water tank holds 4.5 litres, and a lamp and a melodic tone alerts users when the water requires refilling. At 2.3kg with a carry handle, the Humidifier is easily portable. The Dehumidifier 2 is a thermoelectric module (TEM) with a power consumption of 25W operating at 30db or less and a dehumidifying performance of 400ml daily (at 30ºC, 80%). There is a front-operation LED screen, and a water tank capacity of 400ml with full water detection and auto off. BK World is an exclusive licensee for Walt Disney products in Korea. » HALL 8.1 / STAND 217 KEY USPs NEW FROM MONEUAL The thermoelectric module uses 25W 30db operating volume Compact size, measuring 160mm×132mm ×220mm Moneual is unveiling three new products at this year’s IFA: the Hybrid Robot Floor Cleaner MR6600, the My Flower100 plant water notifier and the Touch Table PC. Moneual claims the Hybrid Robot Floor Cleaner to be the world’s first robot vacuum cleaner with both vacuum and mop mode. The mop function works with disposable pads or a washable microfiber pad. The plant water notifier is a sleek device that lets you know when your plant’s thirsty. The Touch Table PC is a device that allows customers to order from a menu at their restaurant table. » HALL 8.1 / STAND 209 56

Green Page Machine is both Clean and Green DET NORSKE VERITAS Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is an independent foundation with the purpose of “safeguarding life, property, and the environment”. Its history goes back to 1864, when the foundation was established in Norway to inspect and evaluate the technical condition of Norwegian merchant vessels. Since then, its core competence has been to identify, assess, and advise on how to manage risk. Whether classifying a ship, certifying an automotive company’s management system, or advising on how to best maintain an aging oil platform, its focus is “to safely and responsibly improve business performance”. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, DNV has worked internationally since 1867 and has established approximately 300 offices in 100 countries. As a knowledge-based company, its prime assets are the creativity, knowledge, and expertise of more than 10,000 employees from more than 85 different countries. LG confirms its dedication to green home appliances with Det Norske Veritas recognition for its outstanding water saving washer LG Electronics has announced at IFA that its washing machine model F14A8QDA is the first in the global home appliance industry to receive the Water Footprint verification from Norway’s Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The independent foundation that evaluates and certifies the performance of products across a wide variety of industries, globally recognised LG’s washing machine for meeting its strict water evaluation methods for the entire lifecycle of the product, including manufacturing, distribution, usage and disposal. “At LG, we understand the global importance placed on water issues and are making a conscious effort to show this in the development of our appliances,” said Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the LG Home Appliance Company. “LG’s MyFC PowerTrekk The portable fuel cell charger myFC PowerTrekk turns water into electricity KEY USPs Environment Compatibility Portability 246 grams The environmentally friendly device runs on water and functions both as fuel cell charger and portable battery pack. It is intended for people who spend time away from the electricity grid, but still need to use electronic equipment such as cell phones, GPS-devices and cameras. Hall 7.2C Stand 114 goal is to lead the global home appliance industry with water-efficient products developed with longterm sustainability in mind. We’re delighted to receive this recognition, which complements the accolades our appliances have received for their low carbon footprints.” LG said that the DNV recognition is largely attributed to the machine’s proprietary 6 Motion Direct Drive technology. By automatically calculating the laundry load and how much water is needed, the washing machine uses the exact amount of water necessary to prevent waste. Moreover, the washing machine’s advanced technology enables the drum to rotate at various speeds and in different directions. Using six different motions including The LG F14A8QDA has received the Water Footprint verification from DNV “We understand the global importance placed on water issues” wave force, agitating, rubbing, compressing, rotating and swing, the washing machine ensures the best possible care for the widest variety of fabrics, while consuming less water. The environmentally friendly washer is showcased at LG’s booth in Hall 11.2 at the IFA. Siemens VarioInduction Cooktop Keeping track of power consumption KEY USPs Energy Efficincy Touchpad Technology Simplification Hall 11.2 Stand 101 Environmentally conscious home cooks can get excited about the energy consumption display on the Siemens varioInduction cooktop, which reveals how much energy was used during the cooking process. The two flexible varioInduction cooking zones automatically adjust to the size of the pots, heating only what needs to be heated. Hall 1.1 Stand 101 IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2013 57

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