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DAY 4 Edition - IFA International 2017

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ADVERTORIAL NEWS WHOLE SLOW JUICER The Kuvings C9500 was the world’s first patented whole slow juicer, and is the top selling model from the Korean manufacturer. Designed for domestic usage, it has a 77cm feeding chute and runs with a 240 watt 50 RPM motor. As opposed to the commercial product, the domestic product is able to run constantly for up to 40 minutes. The P6000 extracts juice from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and nuts and can create healthy smoothies and sorbets. The advantage of the large feeding chute is that whole apples, for example, can be processed, avoiding the kind of oxidation that occurs when the apples are cut prior to juicing. “At Kuvings, we try to make the juice as fresh as possible… this is our motto and philosophy”, Il hwa (Andy) Song, European General Director of Kuvings told IFA International Kuvings Vacuum Blender Korean company Kuvings has launched what it claims is the first quiet, high power vacuum blender. The model, SV-500, features six heat-treated blades and the company explains that the 3D moving stream allows for deeper blending while moving ingredients down to the bottom. Vacuum blending works, Kuvings says, by removing most of the oxygen inside the bender, nutrients and flavours are preserved resulting in a smoother, longer lasting and healthier drink. According to Kuvings, “Air mixed into the blending process of vegetables or fruit promotes the oxidation of juice, deteriorating its quality and freshness. Blended juice immediately oxidises, which leads to the destruction of nutrients such as Vitamin C and browning and degradation of juice. “Kuvings vacuum blender, which blends in a vacuum by minimising contact with oxygen, maintains the original taste and flavour and provides fresher juice” C9500 – Kitchen Innovations Awards 2017 KUVINGS FERMENTATOR Formally known as the Greek Yoghurt & Cheese Maker, Kuvings has broadened the scope of usage of this clever premium device, that can be used for a growing number of fermentation processes. Numerous recipes are available, enabling users to make Greek Yoghurt, cheese, vinegar or pickles, simply at the touch of a button. Already available in some countries in Europe, this device is very popular in Japan. Temperature is adjustable from 21°C to 66°C, with operating time adjustable from 60 minutes to 99 hours. An LED display with built-in timer makes for very easy operation, and energy consumption is only 44W SV-500 – UX Design Awards 2017 and International Design Excellence Awards 2017 Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Chef Commercial line Kuvings has launched what it claims is the first juicer of its kind that allows superior juice extraction of whole fruits, vegetables and nuts for up to 24 hours. The model, CS600, features patented lowspeed masticating technology, which cold presses ingredients while preserving healthy nutrients. The model features a 3.5-inch extra-wide feeding chute and Kuvings says that little to no food preparation is required. According to Kuvings, “The large capacity bowl handles many batches of juice and has a convenient smart cap to prevent drips and create mixed drinks. The low-speed gear reduction motor powerfully operates while keeping the noise level and vibration at its minimum” Hall 9 Stand 111 CS600 – reddot design award winner 2017, IF Design Award 2017 and International Design Excellence Awards 2017 18

NEWS Aelos: The Family’s Robot Friend Leju Robotics from Shenzhen, China is at IFA 2017 with Aelos, a tiny robot designed to entertain and educate the entire family. Leading robotics manufacturer Leju has announced three versions of Aelos – the Aelos 1s, Aelos 1Edu and Aelos Mini – all of which are child-friendly. “Aelos 1s, a humanoid robot, is packed with fun features for all the family,” said Leju. “It has advanced voice recognition features which allow a natural form of communication. Kids can programme Aelos via Leju software.” Aelos 1Edu can be used to teach the principles of robotics to young learners, endowing them with skills to be built upon as they progress through their education. Aelos’s software allows the use of 11 different advanced sensors including obstacle avoidance, heat, light sensitivity, humidity and alcohol detection. Computer programming languages based on Google’s Blockly can be used via PCs to programme the 1Edu. In addition, Aelos Mini reacts to gesture commands and has infrared obstacle avoidance. It can also be programmed by kids via an upgradeable app. Hall 25 Stand 122 Strong Unveils Alexa-enabled Android IP Boxes Libratone Brings Awardwinning Zipp Speaker to IFA Strong, a member of the Skyworth Group, has launched a new generation of Android IP Boxes with cloud-based voice service Amazon Alexa, for German and UK consumers at IFA 2017. At IFA for the first time, Dutch company Libratone is promoting its acclaimed wireless Zipp speaker, and its recent upgrade to the smart home revolution via Amazon Alexa voice integration. While the Zipp Copenhagen model flaunts its Scandinavian design credentials by pairing ultra high quality aluminium top and base with a pure wool speaker sleeve, the speaker has taken a major technological leap by giving users control of the device via the power of their own voice. By working with all Alexa commands, Zipp can also be operated alongside a suite of connected smart home devices. Best of all, existing Zipp customers can get the new feature free of charge through a simple update on the Libratone app. “Libratone is on a quest to set music free and the ability to control your ZIPP with your voice is an important step in this direction,” said Simon Peschcke-Køedt, VP of Global Marketing and Head of Libratone Denmark. As part of Libratone’s mission to move the speaker from corner of the room into the centre, no matter which space the user is inhabiting, a lightweight battery gives the Zipp extra mobility. Libratone first launched the next generation speaker line in 2015 with a unique SoundSpace concept that allows users to stream music, podcasts and movies anywhere in their home. The company is staying ahead of the curve, however, by constantly upgrading the speaker via firmware updates. Hall 1.2 Stand 205 T h e S t r o n g SRT 2401 box is equipped with integrated triple tuner (DVB-T2/C/S2) for the reception of free-toair TV via satellite, cable and terrestrial antenna. Customers who want to benefit from the IP features, but don’t need a model with tuners, can choose the Android IP Box SRT 2022 instead. Both Android IP models support playback of video, music files and photos from external USB devices or micro SD cards. In addition to LAN connection, the Android IP Boxes can be integrated to the home network via built-in wireless connection. Other innovations from Strong include TV sets ranging from 24’’ to 55’’ with resolution up to 4K Ultra HD and home networking appliances including mesh kits, a fridge and a sound table. Hall 11.2 Stand 103a IFA International • Monday 4 st September 2017 19

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