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DAY 4 Edition - IFA International 2017

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LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE WELLNESS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Making a Difference with Microsoft Two health technologies from the software giant are set to make the world ever more accessible A poignant video on the impact of tremors on one woman’s life formed the conclusion of Microsoft’s keynote session at IFA. Graphic designer Emma Lawton from the UK has Parkinson’s and experiences uncontrollable tremors, one of the main symptoms of the condition. 10 million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s and 60,000 people are diagnosed each year in the US alone. Tremor is one of the main symptoms. Microsoft Research Innovation Director Haivan Zhang – a friend of Emma’s – created a prototype device especially for her to help combat her tremors. The device has small vibration motors that send signals to distract Lawton’s brain from trying to create the tremors. This helps calm the muscle movements and makes it easier to write — an important skill for a graphic designer. Fittingly, the wearable device has been called “Emma” and it has helped stem Lawton’s symptoms. “It makes me forget that I have a tremor. The device doesn’t stop my tremor,” she said. “The writing, it’s not going to be perfect. But, my God, it’s better.” Microsoft’s EVP, Windows & Devices Group, Terry Myerson Terry Myerson Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group, Microsoft outlined another interesting development, with the fact that Windows is set to become more accessible for those with Lou Gehrig’s disease – a progressive, neurodegenerative disease that impacts on the ability of the brain to control muscles: “The one muscle it doesn’t impact is your eyes; so with the Fall Creators update we’ve integrated this new functionality called Eye Tracking. It lets you type and operate your mouse using just your eyes. This is life-changing technology for those who are afflicted with Lou Gehrig’s disease. We’re so proud to now include it in the Fall Creators update. This is real advancement and accessibility that we are introducing to the world” » Hall 13 - Stand 101 KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR WEIGHT, AND MORE The QardioBase wireless smart scale measures your weight, calculates your BMI and automatically tracks changes in your body composition – in terms of muscle, fat, water, and bone. Its stylish look suits the most elegant of homes, and its solid base is designed for superior stability on any floor surface, even for users with larger feet. QardioBase uses wi-fi to send data to any portable device, including Apple iOS, Android and Kindle and the Qardio app automatically syncs information and enables users to set targets. » HALL 4.2 / Stand 212 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Next-generation sensor system ensures accuracy and quick measurements 2 Rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 months between charges with frequent use 3 Pick your style: Arctic White or Volcanic Black 38

LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE WELLNESS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT KEEP THE BED WARM WHEREVER YOU ARE Beurer is introducing two new CosyNight heated underblankets at IFA. The UB 190 CosyNight and the UB 200 CosyNight can be controlled remotely and have separately adjustable heat zones for the body and feet. Users can choose from nine temperature settings for each heat zone. The wi-fi-enabled manual controller, and the Beurer CosyNight app together enable the user to adjust settings individually – and remotely – from anywhere in the house or on the move. Another advantage of the wi-fi and app connection is that the user can automatically set heat programmes for the whole week. Both heated underblankets can be washed in the washing machine on an extra-delicate washing cycle if the controllers are removed. » Hall 4.1 / Stand 212 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 The Beurer safety system for both devices gives users extra peace of mind. 2 The fitted design means that the blanket is always in the right place and cannot move out of position. 3 The app shows the power consumption and power costs for each day, week, month and year. MEDISANA FOR HEALTHY AIR The Medisana Air room air purifier ensures that air is healthy by quietly freeing the air from particulates, dust, pollens, odours and bacteria using an antibacterial particulate filter along with additional activated carbon filtering. The device cleans room air using the convection principle – getting rid of all smells as well as house dust, animal hair, mould spores, mite allergens and tobacco smoke. Medisana Air is simple and intuitive to use. It switches automatically from its day function to its energyefficient, night-time “quiet-as-a-whisper” function using an optical sensor. The digital motor guarantees an extra-long service life and has a three-year manufacturer’s warranty plus two years warranty extension, when users register online. » Hall 6.1 / 103 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 LED dust light ensures that the air is optimally filtered and it displays the degree of pollution or if the filter needs to be changed. 2 Display with a traffic-light system indicates when the filter has to be changed 3 Positive effect on the user’s health and wellbeing TRAINING AID FOR ATHLETES AND THE LESS-ACTIVE KEY SELLING POINTS The ViFit Touch Activity Tracker has a touch display which, when in activity mode, records the number of steps taken by the user, the distance covered, calorie consumption, the total time spent physically active as well as the percentage of the physical activity target achieved. The ViFit Touch is an effective training aid for athletes and can motivate less active people to take the stairs again instead of the elevator. At night, once the sleep mode has been activated, the ViFit Touch measures the duration and quality of sleep as well as nightly physical activity. ViFit Touch can also alert the user to incoming calls and messages from the user’s smartphone. » Hall 6.1 / Stand 103 1 Includes alarm clock with vibration alert 2 Displays the number of calories burned by the user 3 Enables the user to review data on a PC or smartphone IFA International • Monday 4 st September 2017 39

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