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CONSUMER lifestyle

CONSUMER lifestyle PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT KÄrcher pressure washers approved by Waterwise Kärcher has been awarded a Waterwise Checkmark for its range of high-pressure washers. Kärcher in a statement underlines that its high-pressure washers provide over 50% water saving compared to a garden hose and up to 35 times more power. They can also be used with harvested water, for example from a water butt, to help users be as environmentallyfriendly as possible. The UK-based Waterwise Recommended Checkmark provides consumers with an ‘at-a-glance’ indicator of a product’s water saving potential. The Checkmark on a product means 'this product is a recognized water saver'. Kärcher’s Ecologic range goes one step further than their core range and at the flick of a switch on any model you can use an additional 20% less water and 20% less energy, making it the ultimate environmentally-friendly way to clean. Kärcher Steam Floor Cleaners Proven performance in killing 99% of bacteria The machines are not brand new, but the health survey and certification are a new USP. This helps retailers move product and assures buyers. Devices include SC6800C and SC4100C cleaners. » HALL 2.1 /4.1 STAND 101 Steam kills bacteria New tests by on two types of bacteria - Staphylococcus and Enterococcus – by a German institute found that 99.99% of bacteria were eliminated from the floor. Unique Selling Points Clean without chemicals Thanks to the cleaning benefits of steam, no chemicals are required to achieve an excellent result, at great ease to the user, and with no impact of waste water on the environment. Multi Functionality These cleaners can be used for floors, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, cooking hood, showers, windows, and even for high pressure ironing! New “Ball” Vac from Dyson New technology for greater suction power The British company that pioneered bagless vacuum design takes the concept one step further with the announcement of the new DC46. » HALL 4.1 / STAND 204 » Hall 4.1 / STAND 205 Unique Selling Points TECHNOLOGY DESIGN Functionality Improved and newly developed two-tier radial cyclone technology. The “next step” in bagless vacuum design. Improved capture of microscopic dust particles and assurance of no loss of suction. Within the “iconic” Dyson look, the Ball design, already presented last year, is becoming the norm at Dyson. Instead of simple wheels, the ball is the “future vision” of the company. Manoeuvrability is much easier, and the design enables the engine to be installed in such a way as to have a lower centre of gravity. Thanks to the new design and technical features, the DC-46 is easier to use and more efficient when it comes to “busting dust”. Dirt Devil Rebel 51 In addition to the current Rebel product range, this new addition is the first multi-cyclone product by the maker. » HALL 3.1 / 5.1 STAND 101 Vax Air Mini Vax is a top seller in the UK and is positioned as a premium brand in Europe, having been introduced two years ago on the continent. Each year new products are being introduced in three families of products. The latest is the Air Mini. » HALL 3.1 / 5.1 / STAND 101 Unique Selling Points Unique Selling Points New tech Big capacity POWER The newest and most modern multicyclone technology. Very small capacity FEATURES Fits into a tiny storage space when not in use. Dust container of 1.8 litres. Top end features with premium nozzle and brushes. A large dust container with 2.5 litres volume. Strong suction power but lightweight at just over 5kg. 42

spotlight on taiwan Region Eastern Innovation The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion yet again bursting with ideas Developed Markets Remain Strong for Taiwanese Exporters While emerging markets are growing fastest for Taiwanese exporters, developed markets remained strong despite the challenges of GDP slowdowns and financial strains on governments. In terms of aggregate demand, the United States, Japan, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom ranked among the major economics and were vital export markets for Taiwan’s enterprises. In 2012, TAITRA led Taiwan’s enterprise delegations to participate in over twenty-nine international exhibitions such as IFA, which continue to be important platforms for Taiwan’s enterprises to expand their global reach. Founded in 1970 to help promote foreign trade, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is the foremost non-profit trade promotion organization in Taiwan. Jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations, and several commercial organizations, TAITRA assists Taiwan businesses and manufacturers with reinforcing their international competitiveness and in coping with the challenges they face in foreign markets. Hall 27 Stand 190 Taiwan is today globally recognized for its technological innovation as well as for its excellent quality products and services. It is home to some of the top-rated global suppliers who are noted for their extensive experience, expertise, and ability to meet the needs of the experienced buyer. Indeed, in the ten years to 2012, the value of Taiwan’s top-ten brands grew almost three-fold. One of the instrumental factors in this branding growth is the “Branding Taiwan Plan” launched by TAITRA – the country’s external promotions agency. We asked Walter Yeh, Executive Vice President of TAITRA what will be foremost in the mind of Taiwan exhibitors at IFA, given the economic challenges in Western Europe. [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] Europe is Taiwan’s fourth largest export market. Although there is some international pessimism towards the European market’s future outlook, most Taiwanese firms are positive and view this recent downturn as an opportunity. There will be tremendous pressure for price conscious European buyers to begin sourcing more from Asia, where they will find more competitively priced products of high quality that would enhance their supply chain. Thus, through IFA 2013, the Taiwanese firms will showcase the kinds of skills and products that have helped catapult them to a leadership role in global manufacturing. This 6-day event will give European businesses a unique opportunity of meeting with these excellent suppliers on their home turf to discuss possible business cooperation. Taiwan’s leading international trade promoter, TAITRA, together with other Taiwanese enterprises, will host the Taiwan Image Hall at IFA 2013. TAITRA, and the participating Taiwanese enterprises, look to this event with enthusiasm as they see many opportunities in the ICT market. This event also will allow them to renew their cooperative ties with their current EU partners. What are Taiwan’s star products this year, and how do they reflect the key trends in the sector? We can spot several major trends from the 90 winners of the COMPUTEX d&i awards. Most are in wireless communications and mobile computing that feature wireless applications and cloud tech. These include portable wireless storage by WiDGET, the WFD- 1000 WiFi AV receiver by Trans Electric, Acer’s Orbe personal cloud storage, the WHD-A1 wireless hard disc drive and the wireless B1 LED projector from Asus, the SP1 NFC-enabled Bluetooth speaker from Antec and the OAXIS AT3001 wireless charging pad from OAXIS. There’s a ground-shift toward wireless in speakers, earphones, hard drives and projectors. Leading the charge toward wireless tech are scores of products using Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC. Meanwhile, notice the moves toward synchronization and compatibility between and among handhelds and other hi tech gear. The Pebble Smart Watch, for example, adapts wireless tech into wearable hi tech. It connects smart phones using Bluetooth and alerts users of incoming calls, emails and texts, and remotely controls music over the phone. Many winning products are pioneers in the sharing and streaming of data, pictures and a/v devices. You can see this with the OAXIS LOOP by Gajah, one of the Gold Award winners and the Android TV box that lets the handheld user convert content and apps to the big screen. Most important may be the continued shift toward interconnectivity and convergence which you can see in the Acer H6 display and the GD250ll7 NFC audio speaker by OAXIS. Such devices need to connect with other tech in order to deliver the best in work and entertainment. All of these trends can be delineated from winning line-up of COMPUTEX d&i awards that included big names like Acer, Adata, Apacer, Avision, Asus, Cooler Master, Edimax, Gigabyte, HTC, KYE (Genius), SilverStone, Thermaltake and VIA. And the most coveted Gold Awards went to TAICHI Ultrabook from Asus, iPin laser from CONARY, the NEW HTC ONE by HTC, OAXIS LOOP Android TV box from Gajah and the Air Penetrator AP123 computer fan by SilverStone. Does IFA play a role in the “Taiwan Excellence” plan? TAITRA executes the Bureau of Foreign Trade’s Image Enhancement Plan (IEP), assisting to promote awareness of Taiwan’s industry. This includes holding promotional activities at major international exhibitions, Walter Yeh Executive Vice President of TAITRA and the program has singled out IFA as a major platform for the promotion of Taiwan’s advantages and competiveness in the ICT industry. We will set a Taiwan Excellence Pavillion to allow buyers, media, and consumers to experience the R&D excellence, design, and “innovalue” (or innovation plus value) of Taiwan Excellence products firsthand. Additionally, we will also hold a new product launch press conference at which a group of representatives from Taiwan Excellence Award-winning brands will introduce their products, which all cater to the latest trends in the hi-tech industry. We hope that through our activities at IFA, we may increase both buyers and media’s understanding of Taiwan products. IFA International • Monday 2 nd September 2013 43

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