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Preview Edition - IFA International

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Product Trends LOEWE

Product Trends LOEWE So… Individual Over 1,000,000 opportunities to customise your system... Dr. Roland Raithel, PR Director of Loewe explains how this year, Loewe will be focusing on the high-end market with their customisable TV sets. TV programmes and the Internet. We have multiroom functionality not only in the audio section, but also in the TV sector. You can take video signals from the hard disk drive of the central unit and send them to any room in the house. So we have strong design and technological themes for this year. The big theme for Loewe this year is individuality. We are presenting a new product range that offers more than 1-million opportunities to make your own individual home theatre system, in design and technical specs. It’s called Loewe Individual 20 and we will have a big show in Berlin to present it. The second theme for us this year is to connect the TV set with the Internet. We have a new standard HBB TV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV), in which you can have a simple connection between We are one of the leading trademarks of the European premium market and our main message is individuality. Loewe offers more individual solutions than any other company for the home theatre and individual solutions in design and technological integrated equipment. Loewe has leading design, leading technology and leading innovations. Hall 6.2 Stand 201

Product Trends Truly “Consumer Lifestyle” Philips Broadens Product Base at IFA 50 th edition… Philips TV Volker Blum, Technical Product Manager, TV BU This year at IFA, we have several new products. One will be our green flagship product which is made from recycled materials and has very low energy consumption. Also, 3D is a topic being driven by the content available from Hollywood and our 8000 and 9000 series. We have the possibility for consumers to easily upgrade their sets to a 3D model. The 9000 series has an incredible 400 Hz, with an exceptional contrast ratio." We also have Net TV, which brings a wide range of online information and entertainment to the TV. We have expanded the range to where Net TV will be available on the 7000, 8000, and 9000 series. IFA is very important because it’s THE CE event of the year. It’s also a good event for us to give good overview and information to the retailers, especially for the upcoming Christmas season. Hall 22 Stand 101 philips lighting Klaus Petri Communications Director Lighting It’s the first time Philips lighting will be at IFA, because we have a concept that really fits IFA. It’s called Living Ambiance which you can integrate it into a system and with a touch of button, control different atmospheres, such as colours and different mood settings. We have several lamps which can be part of one system. You can also integrate other lamps into this system with a special adapter. We are planning to launch the system in October of this year. Hall 22 Stand 101 small home appliances Martina Matthijsen Sr. Lead Customer Marketing Manager, Personal Care and Health and Wellness We have several highlights. We will launch a new shaver range, the Senso Touch 3D Shavers. This shaver can be used both wet and dry, giving you the most advanced shave yet. Saeco will also launch new machines. Our third launch is Senseo and at IFA, we will launch a new design called the Senseo Viva Café, which is a range of five new products that it will be the new face of the brand. IFA is very important for Philips small domestic appliances since our debut 3 years ago and with our Consumer Lifestyle products, we present ourselves as one brand. Hall 22 Stand 101 IFA International • Monday, 30 th August 2010 21

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