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Preview Edition - IFA International

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Product Trends “A

Product Trends “A Highly Trusted Brand” Bosch is again showcasing new products and innovations dedicated to energy and water reduction at IFA. We asked Helmut Sailer -VP Marketing and Communication - to outline some of the highlights... Our dishwashers have beaten the world record for water and energy saving; and we have new fridges with A+++ rating. On the cooking side, we have new cooking hobs with flex induction cooking fields, which let you cook without any limitations. We also have new ovens. At IFA, we will have a cooking show with a famous German chef to demonstrate the products. For small home appliances, we will have a new range of coffee machines, toasters and kettles. We also have new irons and vacuum cleaners. Can you tell us about your environmental focus? Bosch started more than 75 years ago with home appliances and from the beginning it was crucial that our products respected the environment concerning water and energy A Minus 30%! consumption. Since then, we have invested in development and new products to reduce resources and consumption levels. So this is not a marketing effect, but a basic principle of the company. So if you look at a dishwasher today and 25 years ago, they had at least double or triple the water consumption back then. So it is not something new. It’s a basic principle for us. What Bosch’s message to the retailers? Our message is and remains the same: they can trust in us and our processes, products and quality. We are one of the top 10 German industrial companies for patents in 2009, so they can always trust us for innovations with a high respect for environment. The retailers see us as a highly trusted brand: a “number one” solution. How important is IFA for Bosch? IFA is absolutely important for us as it is the perfect fair where we have excellent visitor and press numbers. IFA is now fixed and no doubts for the future… it’s an absolute must. Hall 3.1 Stand 101 The new AEG-Electrolux Lavamat L84950A3 washing machine with its new load sensor and ‘SuperEco’ programme has an energy efficiency rating of A-30%... meaning it 30% more energy efficient than an A rated washing machine. Another highlight is the new load sensor which weighs the wash load then uses only the time, water and energy necessary for best results (pictured here with energy efficient A-40% AEG T59850 tumble dryer) Load Sensor The L84950A3 also comes with a load sensor which senses the weight of the wash load and recommends the right amount of detergent dosage proportional to the wash load saving you water and detergent. Hall 4.1 Stand 101 Samsung Home Appliances Take Hall 20 on New Ground at 50th IFA Stand 101 Samsung home appliances have their own booth for the first time this year. Jörn Jacobi, Product Marketing Manager explained why this was necessary this year and what new products they will be showing… It was necessary for Samsung H o m e Appliances to have a specific booth at IFA because for the past three years at the show, end users have been asking to see our products that they had only learned about from media articles, and they were frustrated not to get the “hands on experience”. So this year, we have decided to open up our own booth to show them our great designs and innovations. We also have a huge dealer zone. Samsung has two key trends this year: design is one because the home environment is changing as the kitchen is becoming open. Our new side by side fridge, for example, has integrated handles with new colours and design. The second issue is the environmental friendliness among the product groups, such as an A++ refrigerator and new washing machine ranges that generate even more energy savings. In each product group there are new features, such as LED lighting and integrated handles. We will be showcasing three new fridges for IFA this year along with our new side by side fridge. We will also have Samsung's first "Solar Active" Washer WF- 9844 that uses a solar energy system to warm the water! It also has the ability to use well water or rain water. Our new WF 10724 Foam Active system is an innovative cleaning system that has water, air and detergent combine to form a deep-cleaning foam, which increases the cleaning power. Our new vacuum cleaner, the Navibot, has a mapping system that scans a room and then vacuums automatically, with small brushes on the side that ensure that each corner is cleaned. IFA is important for the entire industry because it is a technology and innovation driver in Europe. It is also important as it allows us to see the new trends in the market and achieve new technology and features to make consumer’s lives easier. 32

Product Trends How Can You Multiply Air? Dyson is at IFA this year with two new products, a new mini vacuum cleaner for smaller households and a smartly reinvented fan. Andreas Finke, Head of PR, tells us more. James Dyson felt it necessary to reinvent the fan because it came from his singular approach on c o n s t a n t l y improving a consumer’s daily life. He noticed the choppy air motions a fan makes and how the design hadn’t changed in years. He also felt that the fan was incredibly difficult to clean and noted how the blades “buffeted” rather than providing the refreshing air one needs. He soon came up with his own fan, the “Dyson Air Multiplier”: a bladeless fan that is easier to clean and has no unpleasant “buffeting” effect. The Dyson Air Multiplier fans draw air in through a mixed flow impeller – a combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines. Only 7% of the air generated by Dyson Air Multiplier fans actually passes through the impeller, 93% results from the inducement and entrainment of surrounding air! Our other new product is our new vacuum cleaner, the DC 26, which is small enough to fit on a sheet of paper. Also, we have a carbon fibre brush, which makes the floor anti-static, enabling the dust to be vacuumed up even more efficiently. Hall 4.1 Stand 204 Waking Up The World! Our IFA products are our new breakfast series, which is coffee machine, toaster, and our water kettle. We brought our first consumer coffee machine in 2006. We are also showing our new coffee pod machine. This is like our fully automatic machine, but for coffee pods. You can make several different kinds of coffee with it and it is self cleaning. We also have a new water kettle with a filter inside and is double insulated to keep the water hot and a toaster with wide slots for any size of bread and an automatic stop. Hall 6.1 Stand 102 Hundreds of millions of people all over the world start the day in the same way … with a good coffee! The coffee culture, as part of Consumer Lifestyle, is becoming an increasingly important part of IFA, with more and more companies represented in the sector. Here, we note the presence of WMF, a German-based international coffee machine manufacturer established way back in 1853. We asked Beate Springer, product manager – consumer coffee machines – to tell us more about the products… What differentiates your products? WMF is very well known in the German hotelier market as we have had a lot of experience in the business. With our consumer coffee machines, we bring all of our knowledge to the fore. We have big machines with quality products and brewing units. What is WMF’s message to the retailers? We are a strong brand, so for the retailers, it’s good for them to work with us. We are at IFA with coffee machines, but we also have a lot of other products in cookware, kitchenware, and so on. It is an all encompassing brand. Dyson presents a new vacuum cleaner floor tool with anti-static carbon-fibres The DC26 Carbon Fibre vacuum cleaner has been developed to ensure the thorough capture of fine dust particles. The secret: its brush bar, which is fitted with fine, rotating carbon fibres that can capture fine dust articles when cleaning hard floors. Dyson press talk september 3 rd , 2010 11.00 am hall 4.1 / 204 IFA International • Monday, 30 th August 2010 33

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