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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & Day 3 - IFA International

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CONFERENCE & EVENT IFA INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTES 2009 What direction will technology take? What will future standards look like? How will these developments affect my present business model? You will find out all about these topics at the IFA International Keynotes - in exciting lectures from international top managers from the CE and Household Appliances industry. They will convey their insider knowledge to you regarding the latest product developments, industry trends and strategies. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet the industry stars and to get the latest industry news firsthand. Fabio De Longhi Chief Executive Officer, De’Longhi Group 5 th September 2009 @ 9:45 – 10:30 Location: International Keynote Area, Hall 7.1a The DE’LONGHI GROUP: “Living Innovation” in a challenging market Hamid Akhavan Chief Operating Officer (COO), Member of the Board of Management Deutsche Telekom AG 5 th September 2009 @ 15:00 – 15:45 Location: International Keynote Area, Hall 7.1a Telecommunications Innovation drives Digital Lifestyle Dr. Reinhard Zinkann Managing Director and Co-Proprietor at Miele & Cie. KG 6 th September 2009 @ 15:00 - 15:45 Location: Hall 7.1.a, IFA International Keynote Area Sustainable thinking and action: Challenges facing the industry in taking targeted action to support the retail trade and to introduce calm in times of crisis Statement of Motivation IFA, as the largest trade show for Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances, represents a unique opportunity to introduce the De´Longhi Group profile to a wide variety of clients and distinguished opinion leaders: the De´Longhi Brands, its industrial footprint and innovative portofolio of products will be described, while Company future goals and strategies will also be outlined. Abstract of Speech De’Longhi´s 2009 keynote speach will disclose to the audience the De’Longhi story from its foundation up to date: a story of growth, continuous innovation and successful adaptation to a fast changing world. Company mission and values will be presented, showing how these founding pillars have contributed to the transformation of a small, Italian entrepreneurial company into a global player in pleasure and entertaining kitchen and comfort products. Fabio de’Longhi will also address the key challenges for the years to come and how the company is preparing itself to better serve customers and markets needs, always leveraging consistency with historical values and ability to innovate: “ideas live in mind, reason merely discover them. Ferdinand Kayser President & CEO of SES ASTRA Statement of Motivation As the largest trade show for Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances, the IFA in Berlin is a showplace and an important driving force for the product innovations of tomorrow. For Deutsche Telekom, the IFA is one of the year´s most important exhibitions. This is where we present our visions of future environments for Connected Life and Work with products and trends that shape digital lifestyles. Within the framework of the international keynotes, I am looking forward to talking about the latest developments and strategies in the telecommunications industry as well as introducing and breathing life into the Deutsche Telekom vision of serving as the global market leader for Connected Life and Work. Abstract of Speech Akhavan will take the IFA audience on a telecommunication-journey, touching upon the three trends that are affecting the communications activities and technologies of our time. The audience will be presented with the history, development and future of the trends in the Telecommunications industry and how this is changing our everyday lives. Hamid Akhavan will address what drives digital lifestyle in his visionary keynote speech and explain how Deutsche Telekom prepares itself to anticipate the fastchanging customer needs. 7 th September 2009 @ 9:45 – 10:30 a.m. Location: Hall 7.1a, IFA International Keynote Area SES ASTRA, the right partner for business - shaping new markets, driving innovation, developing HDTV. A recipe for joint success Statement of Motivation It is now the second time that the IFA in Berlin is showcase and marketplace for the domestic appliance industry. The IFA has always initiated future (product) developments and now the domestic appliance industry has followed this tradition. It is a special honour to be invited to present responses to challenges from the point of view of our branch of industry in general and, in particular, using the Miele company as an example. Abstract of Speech The domestic appliance industry is facing immense challenges. Against the backdrop of the global discussion on climate change and the increasing demands placed by consumers on appliances, the latter must offer both lower energy consumption and greater user convenience. The relevant buzzwords are energy efficiency, sustainability and social responsibility. The worldwide crisis, which suddenly beset us in autumn of last year and whose ramifications are still not fully foreseeable despite the first signs of light at the end of the tunnel, has triggered a rethinking process in the industry, in the trade and among consumers. The industry must be the first to pick up the gauntlet by producing marketable products with innovations that satisfy the growing needs of consumers. At the same time, there is also a call for measures to support the retail trade. This cannot be the responsibility of the industry alone: politicians must also tackle this issue. The objective must be to introduce calm in times of crisis. In order to succeed, various groupings within society must all join forces and pull in the same direction. The domestic appliance industry has had a tradition of being at the forefront of change for many years now. 12 IFA International • Saturday, 5 th & Sunday, 6 th September 2009

at w w kEYNOTE REvIEw Download Podcast Download Video at w w TECHNOLOGY THAT REACHES BEYOND FUNCTIONALITY SAMSUNG’S YOON SPELLS OUT THE 5 E’S LEADING TO DIGITAL HUMANISM As a child Boo-Keun Yoon, President, Visual Display Division, Samsung Electronics, grew up in a small village on an island off the Korean coast. Yoon’s family had the only phone in the village and his home became a callcentre. He would run around the village telling neighbours they had a phone call. “I was amazed at the device and how it connected everyone to the outside world. I dreamt of the day when everyone would have one,” recalls Yoon. “In just a few decades, this became a reality.” This youthful vision of how technology touches people still inspires Yoon who describes his vision as Digital Humanism. “Consumer expectations are greater than the products available. It is clear that there are still many shortcomings to overcome,” he said. “Efficiency and convenience no longer satisfy the consumer. Their up-todate desires must be reflected in new products.” Yoon says that beyond functionality and performance, modern desires are more abstract. “Communicating by email has become the norm. My children send them to me, but my granddaughter sent me a handwritten letter and it really touched me. Why? Because I felt emotion and warmth that cannot easily be conveyed by technology. We need to inspire the human heart. To satisfy the consumer it is critical that technology develops a human touch.” Yoon announced that the time has come for Digital Humanism and introduced the five Es. Essence; Engagement; Expression; Experience and Eco Smart. “Before, Samsung were leaders in developing technological innovations, now we have taken the next step by adopting the 5 E’s. Digital products must be true to these core values.” Yoon demonstrated how Samsung’s new product ranges at IFA are fulfilling the five Es of his Digital Humanism vision. “Essence means that we have strengthened the core value of our products. Despite technological developments with flat screen TVs in recent years, consumers are still not satisfied,” he said. “They want hyper-quality life like pictures. With Samsung’s LED TV Engine we have achieved deeper blacks and more fluid motion with picture quality that makes an emotional impact in your own living room. With PCs the consumer wants convenience and true mobility. They want to use it anytime and anywhere. Samsung’s new notebook PCs are slim, light and can be used continuously for over 10 hours.” Yoon says that consumers want to share experiences. “Before communication was passive, now communication is interactive social networking. Empowered by this type IFA International • Saturday, 5 th & Sunday, 6 th September 2009 of product, consumers create and share their own content.” For engagement Yoon claimed that Samsung breaks down the walls between devices so that they can easily connect with each other: “Each individual wants to express his or her own unique style. Consumers want product designs that reflect their individuality,” he said. “We have changed the shape of our products and have added new colours, patterns and textures.” Yoon said that to enhance experience consumers want intuitive products. “They don’t want to have to be trained to use them. One example is that we have launched at IFA a digital camera with a forward LED screen to enable the taking of photos of oneself and a video cameras that will upload to YouTube with one touch of a button.” Yoon says that to fulfil their eco-smart criteria Samsung are producing more energy Boo-Keun Yoon, President, Visual Display Division, Samsung Electronics efficient products, collecting discarded products and reducing CO 2 emissions. “We have won eco awards for more than 1,400 products. With our commitment to the 5 E’s we satisfy consumer demand and are leading the way to Digital Humanism and making a dream come to life. Many things that we imagined as children are now a part of everyday life.” Hall 20 / Stand 101 13

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