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Day 1 - IFA International

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made in Europe Regional

made in Europe Regional Spotlight Made in Europe A label that takes pride of place at IFA 2011 By Gérard Lefebvre – President, Cleverdis facts and figures Retail and Technology, the overall market for technical consumer goods in Germany recorded a growth of 3.2% in the second quarter of 2011, representing a total sales volume of EUR 11.2 billion. Small and major domestic appliances (SDA and MDA) and information technology (IT) in particular, were responsible for this positive half year balance. As expected, growth rates for consumer electronics (CE) are declining compared to a strong selling year 2010. (Source GFK) Over the decades, great economic crises have had the merit of revealing a great amount of information known to the elite but often ignored by or hidden from the average consumer. The current turbulent times are no exception to this rule, and while the majority of the world’s populations are warned by the media of the abysmal debts of their respective countries, resulting from the accumulation of national deficits, year after year, others, such as the Germans, are able to rejoice over the fact that the “Made in Germany” label has spared them from these turpitudes. Europe, and in particular Germany, dispose of a formidable industrial base, the specifics of which have laid the way for the creation of veritable “differentiation factors”, allowing for an intelligent battle against the competition, notably from Asia, which is gaining in performance on both industrial and marketing standpoints. The “Made in Europe” label, defended with brio by enterprises such as Bosch, Siemens, Miele, Philips and AEG Electrolux, just to name a few, is based on aspects of quality and a will to be always “one step ahead”, notably in environmental terms, while still remaining concrete and factual. Of course, these enterprises play also on globalisation in order to remain competitive, but their “Made in Europe” label is an exceptional asset, and IFA is an extraordinary showcase in which these companies demonstrate to their home market and to the whole world that they hold pride of place in the Technical Consumer Goods market. A concrete example lies in the case of Siemens Home Appliances, the Chief Executive Officer of which, Mr Hagenbucher, has been kind enough to give us a little of his time… “A True Experience for All The Senses” Siemens home appliances add new value to the market Interview by Richard Barnes As a world leader in the home appliance market, Siemens again forges trends in the market. We asked Roland Hagenbucher, CEO of Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH to give us an overview of how the market is evolving. Roland Hagenbucher CEO of Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH This year, economical use of resources is once again a focus - energy efficiency is and will remain a major trend in our industry. With our even more efficient appliances, we have demonstrated that technological innovations bring further potential savings. However, for c u s t o m e r s i n t u i t i v e operation, a wide range of practical functions, and an innovative design are also very important. In the longer term, networking 18

Regional Spotlight of household appliances a n d c o n n e c t i o n t o intelligent power supplies will play an increasing role. What are the main new and innovative home appliances from Siemens that people can see at IFA this year? We will be launching a range of new appliances this year, and presenting them in a way that gives trade fair visitors a true experience for all the senses. The new products include the iQ 800 Master Class washing machine and dryer, which coordinate p e r f e c t l y w i t h o n e another visually and have distinctive wide, chromerimmed bubble windows. We have incorporated a totally new operating philosophy into the appliances. Meanwhile, the new energy-saving coolEfficiency refrigerator r a n g e m e e t s t h e requirements of the top energy efficiency categories A+++ or A++ across the board. Just 45 centimeters wide, the speedMatic 45 dishwasher provides maximum efficiency and performance in a compact appliance. In the small appliances sector, there will once again be plenty of surprises for visitors. How far can energy saving go? We cannot provide an answer to this at present. We have been conducting intensive research in this area for a long time and, in the past 15 years, have managed to considerably r e d u c e t h e p o w e r consumption of all large appliances: from around a third for ovens to around two thirds for combined refrigerators and freezers. Between 1995 and 2010, the water consumption of Siemens washing machines fell from 13 to 7 litres per kilogram of hot and coloured washing. Today’s most economical Siemens dishwashers boast water consumption figures around 68 percent lower than former levels. New technologies will undoubtedly bring further progress, but how far this will go is difficult to say with any certainty today. This means that "Siemens design retains its timeless character" we strive to develop appliances that combine the maximum possible efficiency with excellent convenience and optimized features. How important will the new energy labelling classification be in helping sell your products? Customers are paying increasing attention to domestic appliances' energy consumption. According to a study by Ipsos on the image of leading domestic appliance manufacturers, Siemens holds a leading position among brands that are thought of as energy and water efficient. We view the new label as very positive, as it helps to provide greater product differentiation. B e c a u s e c o m p e t i t i o n demands energy-efficient products, it also provides scope for innovation. It enables us to clearly identify our super-efficient appliances as such. To make things even clearer for customers, Siemens has introduced the eco Plus label. This shows the customer at a glance that Siemens meets the most stringent requirements in terms of environment, sustainability and technical quality. A green "e" tells the user that innovative and resource-friendly technology has been used. How do you differentiate Siemens in the market? Siemens is very much the technology brand among domestic appliance brands. For over 160 years, the name Siemens has been a byword for outstanding G e r m a n e n g i n e e r i n g achievement characterized by creativity, precision and perfection. The brand regularly sets new standards in the market, with a range of global innovations that improve people's lives. The large number of national and international patent applications tells its own story. Siemens design is equally innovative, as evidenced by the numerous national and international design awards it picks up every year. Characteristic features include the use of innovative materials and finishing techniques, as well as the clear, functional design language that appeals to all the senses. But however cuttingedge its philosophy, by reducing features to what is absolutely essential, aspiring to optimum quality and focusing on functionality, Siemens design retains its timeless character, a character that effortlessly creates a bridge between today and tomorrow. Time and time again, Siemens is a pioneer in new technology and aesthetics for the home - just one reason for the fascination that Siemens products exert on people throughout the world. How does IFA fit into your marketing plan? IFA has become our most important trade fair for orders, which is why it is so hugely important for our sales team. However, at the same time it is an outstanding opportunity to talk to end-users and to present our appliance range. Thanks to our exciting presentations and the wide range of activities we arrange, visitors can experience the very latest appliances at first hand - summed up by this year's motto: "Experience technology and design with all the senses". This year, we are offering additional highlights with the presentation of our i-Dos washing machine at the South entrance and the i-Dos beach, where 156 i-Dos washing machines and blueTherm driers are assembled into a cube on the Bundespressestrand and various events will take place. Hall 1.1/101 "We remain true to the ideals of our founder Werner von Siemens 'Progress that benefits humanity'" IFA International • Friday 2 nd September 2011 19

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