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Day 6 - IFA International

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Exclusive Interview A/V

Exclusive Interview A/V Accessories & Mounting Solutions Verbatim moves into LED lighting market Company lights up and puts itself in the home network Memory storage and accessories firm Verbatim started as a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and went on to becoming a ‘flexible technology marketing and sales expert’. Now, the company is taking advantage of convergent home entertainment media and launching a home server product. It is also moving into a range of LED lighting. Verbatim’s European Marketing and New Business Development Executive Theobald Rüdiger outlines the company’s roadmap. By Michael Dumiak The last we heard from Verbatim was the launch of a home server. What’s been happening since? One of our core competences is optical. We’re presenting a new 100GB Blu-ray at IFA. It will ship in the first quarter next year and is the next step into higher capacity Blu-ray. It’s a triple layer disc and has a new industry standard, BD XL. We always seem to need more memory don’t we? Most people are, by nature, collectors. The need for storage space or capacity will grow. In your networked home, it must look stylish, like furniture, more than just a device. You connect it with your router and there’s not much left to do. From what we’re hearing here at IFA, every home will need to run a server, given the convergence of devices and content that appears to be arriving now. Do you agree? You have more laptops in your home, more and more screens. It’s for the whole family, with whatever device, from whatever room. You make certain areas public, certain areas private, however you want to group it. You’re heading up new business for Europe at Verbatim. What new business are you working on? We started in LED lighting in April. We are part of Mitsubishi Chemicals and the company has decided at the top levels that it will go into LED lighting, from raw materials to manufacturing and end product, OLED light panels, building factories. It’s a good opportunity because they’re phasing out incandescent bulbs in favour of more energy efficient models, and because LEDs are getting cheaper to produce… The point is that we have positioned ourselves as technology you can trust. We strengthen that wherever we can. And with LED, we are focused purely on the future technology. Hall 12 Stand 118 Theobald Rüdiger at the Verbatim booth. As specialists in manufacturing quality control and project management, VINIWORLD meets the needs of companies that delegate all or part of their production to China. Quality and security are indeed the two pillars of a policy based from the outset on long-term partnerships with reliable Chinese suppliers, respectful of mutual commitments. This policy has been deployed with particular success in the TV and electronics fields, in which VINIWORLD assures the highest standards for TV accessories and components, as sought and recognised by the main store chains and distributors in the field. Located in China for several years, VINIWORLD is a high-performance organization thanks to European managers on site, trained and motivated teams and services ranging from quality control to logistics through the R&D, design, research and innovation, marketing... To those who still hesitate to play the “Asian card”, VINIWORLD today brings clarity of information, expertise and crucial experience for international competitiveness. VINIWORLD’s multi-level assistance offering allows companies to manufacture, delegate and / or create in exceptional conditions of transparency and security. VINIWORLD has its own brand in the field of TV furniture and accessories – NEOSTYLE - distributed on 3 continents and presented at the IFA show. Feel free to drop by and verify our prices, quality and creativity – as well as the effectiveness of the procedures and methods proposed. The NEOSTYLE brand is presented in HALL 23, booth 102. 28

Special Feature A/V Accessories & Mounting Solutions Innergie untangles with power adaptor solutions A single adaptor for all notebooks and devices Power adaptor manufacturer Innergie is at IFA 2010 to showcase a number of its new products, including the mCube Slim, described by the company as “the world’s slimmest, super compact universal adaptor”. Measuring just 1.8cm x 10cm and weighing only 150g, the mCube Slim can charge notebooks, mobile phones, satnavs, the iPhone/iPod, PSP and digital cameras. It can also charge two units simultaneously and the company says that its intelligent switching technology makes it simple to use and reliable. The frost-white adaptor is energy-efficient and the range includes all connections for current notebooks, along with a practical carrying case. Another Innergie product being unveiled at IFA is the Magic Cable, a product designed to put an end to tangled adaptors, negating the need for users to carry around several cables for multiple devices. In addition to a retractable 3-in-1 USB charging cable with folding mini and micro USB connections, it has a connection for the iPad, iPod and iPhone and also synchronises data for portable devices. Innergie products have reaped a number of awards. The mCube Slim is the 2010 iF Design Award honoree and all AC/DC Innergie products have been awarded the Energy Star. The company’s complete product range covering all input sources achieves efficiency rates of up to 96%. The mCube Slim from Innergie Hall 15.1 Stand 107 IFA International • Wednesday, 8 th September 2010 29

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