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PREVIEW Edition - IFA International 2017

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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE IFA Celebrates 10 Year IFA 2017 will be the 10 th year that manufactu have exhibited pro Appliance trends include smart, connected appliances boasting all kinds of functions, including resource saving and energy-efficiency, sustainability, as well as easy-to-use and programmable timesaving features. With cooking appliances, the focus is on healthy food using fresh ingredients. Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH, said: “The markets for home appliances and consumer electronics products are converging. IFA is celebrating the 10th edition of Home Appliances @ IFA. IFA continues to be the leading platform for both market segments. “For many years major and small domestic appliances have been at the forefront of progress as regards sustainability, energyefficiency and energysaving, and these aspects continue to be a major topic.” MODERATE GROWTH EXPECTED IN MDA After a good year for major domestic appliances in 2016, GfK is expecting “moderate growth” in the global market. Natalia Andrievskaya, GfK’s Global Director, Major Domestic Appliances, said: “There are some big, global growth drivers, WMF VITALIS E STEAMER Part of the KITCHENminis range, the WMF Vitalis E steamer is a hob-based steamer. Users fill the rectangularshaped lower part with a small amount of water or stock and lie the ingredients side-by-side on the steaming rack. A glass lid creates an airtight seal, while an integrated thermometer measures the temperature. When the water begins to bubble, the steam rises. Fish, meat, vegetables cook without coming into contact with the water. Nothing burns or dries out and most of the vitamins are retained in the steam. A porcelain insert also makes flans or puddings possible. WMF Cook Assist, controlled by an app, uses a sensor to monitor the inside temperature and signals when all ingredients are perfectly cooked. WMF steamers are made from rust-free stainless steel, feature stay-cool handles and have a TransTherm universal base. » HALL 6.1 / STAND 102 KEY SELLING POINTS One-touch lungo facility Up to 21 different specialties of drink Option to use Smart Connect via free Jura app JURA WORLD FIRST FOR ONE-TOUCH LUNGOS KEY SELLING POINTS Food does not come into contact with the water Option to operate the product through WMF Cook Assist app Made from stainless steel with stay-cool handles Jura has launched the Z8, which the Swiss company said features the world’s first automatic speciality coffee machine for the home with one-touch lungo function. The Z8 uses a special preparation method to additionally combine the coffee with hot water during the extraction process, resulting in fullbodied, deliciously light specialities. The Pulse Extraction Process allows the development of flavour for ristretto and espresso, while fine foam technology enables the automatic switching from milk to milk foam. Users can select up to 21 different specialities through the highresolution 4.3-inch touchscreen colour display. The Smart Connect function enables the machine to be controlled via the free Jura coffee app. RFID technology is used to automatically detect the CLARIS water filter. With an energy class of A, the Z8 also won an IF Design Award in 2017. » Hall 2.1 / STAND 202 30

TRENDS IN HOME APPLIANCES s of Home Appliances rers of major and small domestic appliances ducts at in Berlin like built-in appliances, for example. The freestanding market is so mature it’s barely growing anymore on a global scale, so the growth we see is coming from built-in mainly, especially from Europe, where share of built-in is the highest in the world, but also catching up is Asia and some other regions. Latin America and Africa remain freestanding markets for now. “Another global driver is online channel – not a new one as well – but still one of the most important. In some regions and product groups, online sales is the only growing part of the market. Almost one-fifth of MDA revenue is generated through that channel, and within more premium products, such as side-byside fridges, for example, it’s bigger than that.” People increasingly want their kitchen appliances to do more, including task delegation as well as saving them time, energy and money, and all with exceptional levels of performance. Numerous television programmes have propelled cooking appliances into the spotlight and have inspired the consumer to fall in love with their kitchen appliances. Homeowners are now, more than ever, willing to invest in appliances that both impress guests and deliver professional cooking results. APPLIANCES, A GROWING CATEGORY Georg Walkenbach, Beurer’s Managing Director, highlighted that in the year to February 2017, 500 million units of MDA were sold globally. He said that, in that period, economic conditions and consumer confidence improved in many countries and one of the biggest growth drivers was online shopping. In Europe, Mr Walkenbach said that 6% of MDA, by value, was sold online, LIEBHERR CBNPES 5758 PREMIUM BIOFRESH NOFROST Liebherr’s latest strides in energy efficiency sees it offering the highest ratings available with A+++, and even better A+++/-20% thanks to a complete rethinking of the appliance’s design and technology. The BluPerformance refrigerator’s compressor and condenser has been removed from the back, and is now compactly integrated into the base of the appliance. This development provides a much larger internal capacity for storing food, and also ensures the appliance is particularly quiet in operation. The Premium BluPerformance models have an optional SmartDevice box which allows simple integration into smart homes via WLAN, facilitating remote control of appliances from mobile devices, both in and outside the home. » Hall 2.1 / STAND 201 KÄRCHER ON YOUR (CLEAN) BIKE! Kärcher presents the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner, with which even the most stubborn dirt can be removed from bicycles when out and about. Battery-powered and with its own water tank, the low-pressure cleaner can be used anywhere and is no bigger than a bicycle basket. » HALL 4.1 / STAND 213 KEY SELLING POINTS Totally mobile Fits in any boot Autonomy An integrated lithium-ion battery ensures 15 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time Accessories A “bike box” allows the user to store accessories such as a universal brush for removing stubborn dirt. KEY SELLING POINTS Seven-inch high-resolution touchscreen display integrated in the door featuring a range of pre-set programs FreshAir activated charcoal filter integrated into the PowerCooling housing Keeps more food fresh as it’s equipped with larger BioFresh safes IFA International • Monday 28 th September 2017 31

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