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News Panasonic Launches

News Panasonic Launches Smart Home System in the UK Panasonic has launched a complete home networking system aimed at giving consumers the ability to remotely check on their home and property, as well as simplify their daily lives. From children to pets, cars to motorbikes, now you can keep an eye on all the important things in your life through your smart device. The innovative system provides a simple way for anyone to link the smart devices (cameras, sensors and plugs) and control them from one app on a tablet or smartphone. Panasonic’s Smart Home system runs on DECT ULE technology, allowing the devices to be connected to the home hub through one push pairing. “Panasonic has designed the Smart Home system with the needs of the regular person or family firmly in mind,” says Justin Burnell, Sales and Marketing Manager for Panasonic Smart Home at Panasonic. “So far the industry has focused on producing smart devices with one, specific application. But what people really want is a system that helps simplify their life, not complicate it further. How many times have you wondered if you closed the bedroom window, or if your teenager made it home safely from school? With the Panasonic Smart Home system you can check quickly and easily from your smartphone or tablet.” RUSSELL HOBBS CLARITY BREAKFAST COLLECTION: For a Cleaner, Clearer, Better Tasting Breakfast The Clarity Collection is a four piece breakfast range that includes a kettle and two coffee makers with built-in Brita water filter systems as well as a long slot toaster. Say goodbye to cold, unevenly browned toast and bitter, brewed tea and coffee – withthis collection, you will not only see the difference but taste it too. Each of the four products feature sleek and stylish glass designs that include innovative technology to make sure your tea, coffee and toast taste just the way you like it. Professor Barry Smith, Director, Institute of Philosophy and Centre for the Study of the Senses, School of Advanced Study at the University of London commented, “The experience of tasting a drink begins before it reaches your lips. The look and smell of the liquid tells you what to expect. The clean lines and glass body of the Clarity Kettle with its built-in Brita filter ensures that nothing comes between you and the purity of flavour of your favourite hot drink. The Clarity Coffee Makers with new optimum brewing temperature technology ensure a perfect extraction of flavours and aromas, while the built-in Brita filter ensures that nothing comes between you and the pure taste of your coffee.” Professor Barry Smith said, “We eat with our eyes and know by looking how we want a slice of bread to be toasted. The Clarity Toaster, with its clean lines and glass panel lets you watch breads toasting and choose the right setting to deliver the toast you like every time.” Smart: Yes, But Elegant Above All… At IFA 2015, Withings introduced Activité, the perfect blend between Swiss Made analogue timepieces and innovative activity trackers. Defining a new category of elegantly designed, fashion-focused accessories, Activité delights both the fashion and technology communities with its beauty and brains. First and foremost a highend beautiful watch, Activité is also a sophisticated activity tracker that monitors steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and sleep patterns. Unique Selling Points (USPs) include elegant design – one could never tell it’s a smartwatch!, ecosystem – it’s part of the Withings “smart” device ecosystem, including scales, blood pressure monitors etc, and time as a Luxury – easy to tell the time, as opposed to many other similar devices. 16

News New Graef Milk Frothers Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino or Cacao – with the new milk frothers MS701 (white) and MS702 (black) you can now prepare the milk froth at home. Just as a true Italian barista. Première for Bauknecht’s BLive – Intelligently Networked, Intuitively Operated Bauknecht's BLive makes everyday tasks not only less complicated, but also helps to save money and time. Smartphones and tablets become central controllers with the BLive app: washing machine, dryer, freezer/ refrigerator combination and dishwasher can be remotely controlled at any time from any place – they give feedback on their status, note the preferences of the users and communicate with one another. The free app is based on the so-called "mental model". Selecting a washing program, for example, is done at various entry points, which are especially easy to trace. If one enters a material, colour or the relevant clothing, the app recommends the best laundry care program with low water and energy use. The market launch of Bauknecht's new generation of intelligent household appliances with BLive comprises of four appliances: washing machine and dryer, freezer/ refrigerator, and dishwasher. BLive is intuitive to operate, creates a completely new user experience, and conserves valuable resources through its energy management. As with the classical foaming method with steam at a traditional espresso machine, the milk volume gets nearly doubled when preparing milk froth with the new Graef milk frothers. A maximum filling volume of 200ml fresh milk produces approximately 400ml of finest, creamy milk froth which can, with a little practice, even be used for “Latte Art”. Next to the optimized spout of the removable milk jug made of stainless steel this is also ensured by the new “Cyclone- Frothing-Technology”: The blunger mount at the lid, the blunger for milk froth and the special shape of the milk jug ensure a uniform swirling of milk and milk froth and therefore an optimal result. Thanks to the temperature control with automatic shut-off the appropriate drinking temperature is assured. IFA International • Monday 21 st September 2015 17

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